Addicted to Knitting

maybe this will help

Posted on: November 1, 2007

I thought, as any good knitter would, that yarn might make me want to knit….

It worked. I bought this to make thePinecone Scarf for my son. I think this will make up great. Now if I can get him to understand “hand wash in cold water” all will be well. I love this scarf and it looks fun to knit but still manly.

I have a Cable and Bobble Headband done for my daughter. Its blocking right now. I have been so sneaky…she has no idea!

I also finished the bruebeck mitts but need to take a photo….while knitting them my little mind kept thinking about a dishcloth. I mumbled about making one till my daughter was certain I had lost my mind. Well I finally just cast on and did it! It didn’t work out as well as it did

in my mind but now I can quit thinking about it!

Well I am off to cast on for the pinecone scarf and see what other mischief I can find.

Please keep my friend Donna in your prayers. Her daughter and grand baby came from CA for the funeral and now the baby is sick with upper respiratory stuff and was in the hospital overnight. Poor dear, when it rains it pours!

4 Responses to "maybe this will help"

The Jasper is a lovely color. I’m looking forward to seeing it knit up.

OO…nice! i liek the color. I like that pattern, too. I was thinking about making one…

I’m sorry you’ve been through such a tough time lately. It’s not too late to send the hats for your daughter’s trip, is it?

That Jasper is going to make a beautiful scarf, and I love the headband! Trust me, you are going to be thinking “dishcloth” for a while yet. I love the ones I have made. I keep pulling them out of the drawer to use over and over again, leaving the store-bought dishcloths behind. The one in your picture is just the right size too!

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