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every picture tells a story

Posted on: November 28, 2007

I have little time to type here. Time to leave for school! But I have finished 6 objects, the cable headband, ugly black hat, fetching, mitten, green Le’slouch (picture didn’t upload) and the ugly cat. Now I only have 4 projects on needles…….
although there are a couple of things I might cast on!

3 Responses to "every picture tells a story"

Your projects look very nice! I still haven’t knit a pair of Fetchings. They look like fun.

Your ugly black hat is…well, NOT ugly! I think it is very pretty! All of your projects are beautiful. You made Fetching in the exact same color I used. They are great mitts. I wore mine yesterday to take out the garbage. Then I had to wash them because one of the bags was leaking. lol

The hat is ugly in real life. Very bulky and just not what I hoped for. My daughter has my fetchings….sigh…at least they are a quick knit.

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