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It has been a very nice vacation! My kids haven’t killed each other and that is always a good thing.

I have been knitting away. Made felted mittens for both the older kids. I followed a pattern in my mitten book I got for my birthday. They turned out okay. Not great but they will keep the hands warm.

Both of the older children are doing Winterama this year. Casey has already went and Rachel leaves tomorrow. This is a 2 day winter camp in the mountains near us. Lots of snow and sledding! Plus some Bible study too. Oh and the food at Camp Bethel is beyond wonderful.

I am still working on my eldest son’s gifts. I cannot believe I am this far behind. My goal today was to clean my room and finish one pair of mittens. DONE! YA! Now I need to do Mat’s fingerless mitts and his slipper socks by wens. I have one of each done so that should be doable.

I am going to set some goals this year for my knitting. I have to get it organized. I reorganized my yarn today when I cleaned my room and made some tentative plans….

My stepdaughter is expecting a girl in March so I set aside some yarn for her…I really want to do the UGG booties and I have the stuff…had it for 3 years…. and of course some hats. I like making hats. They are not a huge commitment yet still a great gift.

I am going to knit 1 dishcloth per week which is possibly possible. I have 5 to do for my sil’s Christmas gift. I gave her a canister of yarn with a poem of promise for dishcloths.

So if I am not here….you know why……..I am knitting. I must avoid ravelry at all costs!

Here are the mitts in progress and Jayden in his earflap hat…..(why didn’t I write down what I did?) He is grandson of my friend who lost her son a few months ago and I am in love with this baby. He always has a smile for auntie Marti…….except when she has a camera in her hand!


It’s so hectic here! I have something to do for the next 5 nights in a row. I hate not being home in the evening! Yes I am an old homebody! Yesterday was Jaspers 4th birthday! Tonight we have Casey’s school program, tomorrow there is dinner with my husbands family, Saturday is the union party, Sunday Jim and his sister are doing a program at a church, and Monday there is the program at our church. Some of these events are not knitting friendly. I still have a ways to go and not much time.

About the photos….
1. Ike in the hat I made for Jaspers bear.

2. Don’t ask me where he found it but he had to try it on and sister had to take a picture.

3,4,5. are at the company party.

6,7,8. are of the mitten I am making from one of my Christmas presents. Jim got a sound mixer and let me pick my own presents which are in picture 11. I love the mittens book. It’s a history of mittens. The brown I am working on will be felted for my son. Hand felted following instructions in the book. I think the rest are self explanatory.

I love the hat in #12. It turned out so well!
I have a few more items done but cannot take or upload photos as my computer is shared and family can’t help looking!
Today I hope to finish the mittens and the fingerless gloves I have on the needles. Ya right! after I finish cleaning the house, baking, and running children hither and yon! Thank goodness school programs are knit friendly!
It seems like all the bloggers are on vacation. Can’t blame anyone. I am sure many are as overwhelmed by me. Isn’t this supposed to be a happy time? Why am I so stressed? Could it be the overachiever in me? Nahhhhh!

A bunch of us got on some wagons yesterday and caroled through town. It was very cold! 20  degrees!

This is my  self portrait! Me and Gritz! She ‘s been my friend for over 20 years!  Doesn’t Jasbo look thrilled? Note the Huckleberry Ascot Scarf? nice and warm!

Our Escort!

My wagon! Rachel is hiding behind the paper! We are almost frozen solid at this point!

Casey boy and friend decided to walk a while to warm up. He stole my fetchings!

            I was sick Friday and should have stayed home yesterday. Today I am miserable! it was worth it! We went to an old folks home and walked the halls caroling! These old guys were clapping and laughing!

I am off  to knitting knittingland! My friend ordered 3 pair of fingerless mitts for me and will pay me decent enough I couldn’t say no. Actually I must not think I am stressed enough already so…what’s another project? or three?

Stay WARM!

I have  had a wonderful secret pal. She has sent me the nicestly wrapped gifts and surprised me every time. This month Deb sent me this:

Please excuse the self photography. I gave up waiting for someone to take my picture..This is  from the IK gift magazine and its done in exactly the yarn they magazine called for. Its very soft and lovely!

I also got this:

Isnt it cute?

And this:

The stichmarkers were made by someone in her knitting group and the notebook is just what I needed to take notes in.

Thank you Deb for being a super secret pal!

Yesterday when we got home from the Christmas Bazaar, Ike ran through the room with this in his lip. I though it was an ornament at first,until we caught him and I tried to pull it out. Then in all my brilliance I realized it was a fishhook. Very strange happenings. We don’t fish or have fishing gear. Jim and I tried to figure out how to cut the hook and get it out. Jim had the idea that ambasol would help with the numbing. I was holding the upset kitty and he put the  stuff on his lip. It was an open wound and the medicine stung him. There I was holding this cat who was writhing around and trying to get free.

I said “Honey, this isn’t working” (more of my  brilliance)

Jim, my always kind husband was nice enough not to point out the ingeniousness of my statement. He simply looked at me with that ever patient look of his upon his face.

Poor Ike had to go to the vet who informed me he would have to be sedated to get the hook out. I left Ike there and headed to the grocery store where I received a phone call telling me to come back. The hook fell out!  The nurse called it a Christmas miracle.

On another note, the bazaar was a bit disappointing to me. Everything was priced high and there was very little variety. I saw crotched items at 6 different tables. Nice stuff , but since I  work with yarn it has to be fantastic in order for me to want to buy it. Knit diagonal dishcloths were $5 each and they were at at least 4 tables. This is a town of 2000 is not good. I am so glad no one managed to talk me into a table there. On the happy side, I didn’t spend much!

My  sweet female in laws gave me a pedicure and a manicure for my birthday. Oh what a nice gift. My toes look fabulous.  One of   God’s gifts to me was  nice feet.  I love to have my toenails painted and pretty.  My fingernails are short and all different lengths but they now sport a very light gold sparkle. I had  an hour  while she did my feet to  KNIT!  I worked on the Snowball hat  from IK Fall issue. I used Knitpicks  highland Peruvian wool in the colorway cloud. Its one that my dd fell in  love with. She is suddenly into pompom’s . Egads I hate making them . What a lot of work and mess. Maybe Santa will bring me a pompom maker. Of course then Rachey would no longer like pompoms.

The exciting thing is that she has no idea I knit it. The green cable head band?  She noticed the yarn was gone! I  promptly rearranged all my stash. I have done that a couple of times this week.  Geesh it’s hard to be sneaky in this house!  Since she is gone all day today I cast on for the Fake Isle Hat. Thanks for that Beth! My daughter was in love with the one you made.  I am going to use that Noro  I bought  a few months ago. I am already wondering why I cast it on when I am short on time. Hat envy I suppose. Beth makes lovely hats and her stitches are so nice. Thanks Beth for the donation!

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