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Totally Hooked

Posted on: December 2, 2007

Yesterday when we got home from the Christmas Bazaar, Ike ran through the room with this in his lip. I though it was an ornament at first,until we caught him and I tried to pull it out. Then in all my brilliance I realized it was a fishhook. Very strange happenings. We don’t fish or have fishing gear. Jim and I tried to figure out how to cut the hook and get it out. Jim had the idea that ambasol would help with the numbing. I was holding the upset kitty and he put the  stuff on his lip. It was an open wound and the medicine stung him. There I was holding this cat who was writhing around and trying to get free.

I said “Honey, this isn’t working” (more of my  brilliance)

Jim, my always kind husband was nice enough not to point out the ingeniousness of my statement. He simply looked at me with that ever patient look of his upon his face.

Poor Ike had to go to the vet who informed me he would have to be sedated to get the hook out. I left Ike there and headed to the grocery store where I received a phone call telling me to come back. The hook fell out!  The nurse called it a Christmas miracle.

On another note, the bazaar was a bit disappointing to me. Everything was priced high and there was very little variety. I saw crotched items at 6 different tables. Nice stuff , but since I  work with yarn it has to be fantastic in order for me to want to buy it. Knit diagonal dishcloths were $5 each and they were at at least 4 tables. This is a town of 2000 is not good. I am so glad no one managed to talk me into a table there. On the happy side, I didn’t spend much!

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Ouch! I’m glad the hook fell out.

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