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never a dull moment

Posted on: December 20, 2007


It’s so hectic here! I have something to do for the next 5 nights in a row. I hate not being home in the evening! Yes I am an old homebody! Yesterday was Jaspers 4th birthday! Tonight we have Casey’s school program, tomorrow there is dinner with my husbands family, Saturday is the union party, Sunday Jim and his sister are doing a program at a church, and Monday there is the program at our church. Some of these events are not knitting friendly. I still have a ways to go and not much time.

About the photos….
1. Ike in the hat I made for Jaspers bear.

2. Don’t ask me where he found it but he had to try it on and sister had to take a picture.

3,4,5. are at the company party.

6,7,8. are of the mitten I am making from one of my Christmas presents. Jim got a sound mixer and let me pick my own presents which are in picture 11. I love the mittens book. It’s a history of mittens. The brown I am working on will be felted for my son. Hand felted following instructions in the book. I think the rest are self explanatory.

I love the hat in #12. It turned out so well!
I have a few more items done but cannot take or upload photos as my computer is shared and family can’t help looking!
Today I hope to finish the mittens and the fingerless gloves I have on the needles. Ya right! after I finish cleaning the house, baking, and running children hither and yon! Thank goodness school programs are knit friendly!
It seems like all the bloggers are on vacation. Can’t blame anyone. I am sure many are as overwhelmed by me. Isn’t this supposed to be a happy time? Why am I so stressed? Could it be the overachiever in me? Nahhhhh!

1 Response to "never a dull moment"

That hat did turn out great! Good luck with all of your events and your knitting.

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