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Good intentions

Posted on: January 14, 2008

I have had such good intentions with this blog. I always intend to write more. I thought for certain I would get more done during winter break. Actually winter break has made me incredibly lazy. I didn’t get my housework caught up, didn’t knit near enough and have ignored my blog for the most part.  School starts today and I decided to make myself blog. Part of my problem is a web site that begins with the letter R. I can get lost over there.Ravelry. I cannot believe how easy it makes it to find patterns and all the interesting pictures. Does anyone else do this? Look at a certain pattern say the BSJ and see what all colorways it has been done it and all the different gauges of yarn?  Still not making any decisions but intending to? What about browsing the groups over there? That alone can eat up some major time.

I am getting in a bit of knitting. I  have only 1 dishcloth left for Christmas 2007 and 1 hat. I cast on for the BSJ and its rather fun for garter stitch. I have new project fever really bad and can hardly wait to finish off this stuff I am working on so I can do something else? What am I planning? I have no idea…

Here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure….

I love the baby fetching hat! I did it in some acrylic and need to redo it in wool. Cables are wonky!

Well I am off to do all the things I have put off…….

3 Responses to "Good intentions"

Very nice projects!

I know what you mean! I have to severely limit my time at Ravelry. If I spent as much time as I’d like there I would never get any knitting done.

I love the Fair Isle hat, and your cables don’t look at all wonky to me. Beautiful!

Hopefully you were able to spend a lot of fun time with your family and friends during the holidays.

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