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the best laid plans

Posted on: January 18, 2008

I have been planning a cheerful little post with photos and all that good stuff.

Well this isn’t it. I am confused and sad and rejoicing all at once.

I can rejoice because my friend Anne is dancing with the Lord. She was a precious lady with her own sense of the world. She lived well and was an awesome mother to her 7 children. I have no doubt she is basking in the presence of Jesus and free from all pain.

Her family is not free from that pain. A horrible car accident took her from them and left one member in ICU. A truck was unable to stop at an intersection on the highway and the car Anne was driving went under the trailer. This seems so senseless to me. I am guessing the driver of the semi is filled with guilt and remorse but that doesn’t change the fact that this family lost their center person. None of the children are really young but suffering the loss of a mother is not something anyone deals with easily.

My family and I are headed up to be with their family. I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling and also cannot imagine our presence being much comfort. We as humans can only do so much.

Please, those of you who pray, PRAY for this family. The oldest daughter is not saved and has ran from God and all her mother held dear.

Perhaps on Monday I will have happier post.

3 Responses to "the best laid plans"

I’m so sorry. I will pray for Anne’s family and for your family.

Such a sad thing to read … I’ll pray for the family to find the peace they’ll need to get thru the following days. May they all find comfort in prayers.

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