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Posted on: January 28, 2008

It seems like forever since I updated this. I have been getting settled into school again. This is a dry semester with practical accounting, government and business communication. I am forcing myself to get stuff done. I figure if I make it through this the rest will be cake…

There are still no plans for my friend Anne’s funeral. The family is focusing on getting Becka well first. She is still unaware of her mother’s passing. She is walking and talking and do well with just a bit of memory loss. PTL \o/

I went shopping at Sonny and Shear and bought this yummy Dream in Color Fatty in Dusky Aurora for Becka’s  hat. this yarn is soo soft and nice.

When shopping you can’t just buy a single skein right?

So I also got this cascade 220 heather which is bluer that the picture.

And this soft wonderful yarn

I must keep this short. I have homework and a sick child to deal with.

2 Responses to "random"

It sounds like you have a lot going on these days. Stay well!

I hope your sick baby chick is well soon, and that you find school to be easy peasy! I love the Dream In Color yarn. It’s one of my favorites. It took me a long time to convince DH that I can’t buy just one skein because they get lonely alone. When yarn gets lonely things can get ugly!

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