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 This post is a warning of the possible dangers in spending to much time on Ravelry. Yes I admit it, I am a ravelry junkie. I get lost there and don’t even know it till it’s too late. Doesn’t that happen to you? You know the drill, you stop by to look for something. For example I love to look at the yarns. I recently purchased some Cascade 220 heathers in this yummy blue called ocean wind. Of course I couldn’t get gage in what I had planned for this yarn. This is my first Cascade 220 yarn and I am dying to knit it into something. So I head to ravelry into the yarns, find the above said yarn and begin perusing the patterns and finished objects others have  used this yarn for. I find this a great way to use up stash, you know the type, the yarn you bought for no purpose at all except because you liked it, or perhaps it was to much of a good buy to pass up. The yarn is dying for a pattern. Yep that is what I was doing when I discovered the danger that lurks from getting lost in Ravelry. I was minding my own business, doing my thing when my darling 4 y/o approached me with the following in his grubby little hands exclaiming “I’m ready to knit mama”

Now at first I wasn’t terribly alarmed. I was glad he hadn’t harmed himself with the scissors and a bit charmed that he wanted to knit. UNTIL….on closer inspection I realized this……

Yes my darling little cherub had cut my yarn. This yarn is kept on a shelf out of his reach but , he got it. Its some lovely Cascade cloud nine in November Wind

I purchased 2 skeins of this for…well you know…because I could. I am broken hearted about this and fearful to mess with the cake to see how bad the damage is.  But I wanted to take the time to post this warning so this doesn’t happen to you. If you are browsing in Ravelry, for  heaven sakes, check your children occasionally!

I have spent to much time in this house. I swear I am going crazy!

Yesterday morning Middleson convinced me that he was ill with the flu also. He could be an actor quite easily. He had studied us sickies carefully and knew what to say to persuade my addled mind that he needed to stay home. Apparently he thought we were having fun here at home. The child is lucky too be alive today. He is a very bouncy, happy child with many words to say each minute of each our all day long. Put that together with Jasbo and his never ending chatter and you have a mother who is loosing hair and getting wrinkles as each moment passes. I was to sick to make him go to school late so I dealt with it the best I could. Lots of theraflu and rest…I considered ear muffs but I would have to knit some and I was busy making sure the soap was warm and cozy…yes dears I have totally lost my mind! but I am still knitting!

here is  my first soap sweater and my  garterlac revisted 1&2

Oh wonder of wonders we have the flu epidemic in out house. Rachel has been diagnosed with it and it is working its way through our house. The doc gave us prescribed pills for us that must be made of gold if the cost is any indication.

So here I am housed up and crazy. Monday I got some more work done on my tooth and sold 10 dishcloths to the dental office. Now I have to knit them. I am selling these to pay Rachel’s way to Peru. Our church is going on a mission and she wants to go. 10 days seems like a long time. DH and I are prayerfully considering going also. I think DH should go since there is building involved. Any way…I am off to my sick couch to make dishcloths. I did this great thing with the garterlac that I will try to get photos of it posted.

Okay so this is the most boring post I have ever did….so shutting up…….

Do you ever have those days when you want to hide from your family? My family is great, don’t get  me wrong but at times I am ready to run and hide. I have been having health problems lately (possible irritable bowel syndrome) and then  tooth broke and I have had mouth pain on top of the other. I am trying to keep up with classes and play referee with children and it’s noisy! No I mean it’s NOISY! I need to finish my accounting and write a bill, read some in my business communication class and I haven’t knit all day long. I did however clean my room! I actually cleaned all day long. The house is company ready, dh has the weekend off and I am thinking…..I need to run away someplace and do homework!

Remember how I said I didn’t have enough fun?

Yesterday after church the kids and I headed for Cody. It was time for the dreaded Walmart trip to requisition supplies for the month. I hate Walmart. I don’t like what Walmart does to my children. Caseyboy with his sensory issues gets so worked up there. Jasbo doesn’t want to ride in a cart (who can blame him after an hours drive in the car?) and Rachel wants to show me all the girly stuff I could enjoy without the boys. I survived it yesterday with only a few more additions to the gray hair syndrome!

I also got to check up on my oldest son. He hadn’t called in over a month. I know…he is an adult but….I am a mom and I want him to call me. He looked good. His apartment was clean and tidy and we had a nice visit.

I was in a bit of a hurry to get home for a Youth Leaders meeting at church…but I set that aside for fun! Yes I said FUN!  On the way home there is a back road that is mostly traveled by people who live on it. It’s rough and bumpy from poorly done patching on it’s surface but….it has these incredible rises and dips that make your stomach flop! So I tooled down it laughing with my children with the “classic rock station” playing some old Journey from the Infinite’ album. It was great. I believe I had one less child the last time I traveled that road and he was laughing the hardest yesterday shouting “wheeeeee”

So yes there is hope for me.


Tête à Fetching by Lou Close (free Ravelry download)
I tweaked this a bit to make the rolled brim and put the cable’s differently… Never can follow a pattern (big grin)
Dream in color fatty…dusky aurora
I couldn’t get a good photo for the life of me. The blue is not that blue. It’s much more subtle. I love this yarn! The color, the feel….it’s awesome yarn! I got this at Sonny and Shear. What a nice little store. Great story behind it.
I got to see Becka the night before the funeral and talk to her a bit. She is doing so well. God is working on healing her. Immediately after the wreck there were 4 breaks or fractures in her neck and fractures in her skull. Later the skull was healed and two of the fractures disappeared and the remaining ones were not as severe. The Dr.’s were amazed. Not me…I know what God can do!!

I got this is the mail from Deb yesterday! This is an adorable book!  The illustrations will make you smile and the story is great too! Actually I though of this book this morning as I sat in Anne’s funeral. The stories I heard about her made me realize she was a free spirit like Woolbur. Always trying something new and ready for adventure.  The funeral was actually a celebration of a life well lived which of course led me to look at the way mine is being lived. I am far to serious. I worry to much. I don’t laugh enough. I don’t pray enough or read the Bible enough. I don’t take care of myself. It’s not a pretty picture. I weighed myself and I have put on over 10 pounds this winter. Considering I was already 80 pounds overweight this does not thrill me. I definitely need to make some changes. Tonight is not a good time to think these things. I am sad at the loss of a friend I didn’t know well enough and for a family that has lost the mother that cannot be replaced.

On a happy note, I also received my order from CBD.Com and have lots of inspirational reading waiting for me. I decided that all my books will go to the local library in Anne’s memory.

I have been knitting and have many things to share but that is for another time.

February 2008