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Becka’s hat

Posted on: February 10, 2008


Tête à Fetching by Lou Close (free Ravelry download)
I tweaked this a bit to make the rolled brim and put the cable’s differently… Never can follow a pattern (big grin)
Dream in color fatty…dusky aurora
I couldn’t get a good photo for the life of me. The blue is not that blue. It’s much more subtle. I love this yarn! The color, the feel….it’s awesome yarn! I got this at Sonny and Shear. What a nice little store. Great story behind it.
I got to see Becka the night before the funeral and talk to her a bit. She is doing so well. God is working on healing her. Immediately after the wreck there were 4 breaks or fractures in her neck and fractures in her skull. Later the skull was healed and two of the fractures disappeared and the remaining ones were not as severe. The Dr.’s were amazed. Not me…I know what God can do!!

2 Responses to "Becka’s hat"

Such a cute hat. I love the rolled brim, and I also love Dream In Color yarn. I’ll have to try Sonny and Shear.

I know what you mean! I have been on the receiving end of God’s healing power, and even when you know what He can do it is still amazing! I continue to pray for your friend.

I love that hat! I’m glad to know that Becka is healing well.

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