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there’s nowhere to hide

Posted on: February 15, 2008

Do you ever have those days when you want to hide from your family? My family is great, don’t get  me wrong but at times I am ready to run and hide. I have been having health problems lately (possible irritable bowel syndrome) and then  tooth broke and I have had mouth pain on top of the other. I am trying to keep up with classes and play referee with children and it’s noisy! No I mean it’s NOISY! I need to finish my accounting and write a bill, read some in my business communication class and I haven’t knit all day long. I did however clean my room! I actually cleaned all day long. The house is company ready, dh has the weekend off and I am thinking…..I need to run away someplace and do homework!

4 Responses to "there’s nowhere to hide"

Do I ever have those days? Almost every day honey. 🙂

Oh yes, I sometimes feel like running and hiding. It seems like I get more questions from my family when I am trying to concentrate on something. It’s very aggrevating! I hope you find a quiet homework nook soon.

Your doing better than you think you are. After six years of going to school and doing homework
(sometimes at 3am),cleaning, cooking, and taking care of kids I have come to the conclusion that we demand way too much from ourselves. Your amazing just to be dong what your doing.

The laundry room is my favorite place to hide. I set up a folding chair in front of the washer and dryer, put on my iPod headphones, and knit. Trust me, no one is going to come into the LAUNDRY room!

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