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my brain is mushy

Posted on: February 21, 2008

I have spent to much time in this house. I swear I am going crazy!

Yesterday morning Middleson convinced me that he was ill with the flu also. He could be an actor quite easily. He had studied us sickies carefully and knew what to say to persuade my addled mind that he needed to stay home. Apparently he thought we were having fun here at home. The child is lucky too be alive today. He is a very bouncy, happy child with many words to say each minute of each our all day long. Put that together with Jasbo and his never ending chatter and you have a mother who is loosing hair and getting wrinkles as each moment passes. I was to sick to make him go to school late so I dealt with it the best I could. Lots of theraflu and rest…I considered ear muffs but I would have to knit some and I was busy making sure the soap was warm and cozy…yes dears I have totally lost my mind! but I am still knitting!

here is  my first soap sweater and my  garterlac revisted 1&2

1 Response to "my brain is mushy"

Poor baby!! I hope you feel much better soon. I’ve heard from so many that this flu is a mean one! I’m glad I have missed it so far. And, soap cozies, what a great idea for gifts. Thanks for sharing through your Theraflu haze!

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