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UFO’s sighted daily

Posted on: March 6, 2008

I think they are multiplying. I was thinking about casting on some socks for Rae last night and started thinking about my UFOs. I definitely don’t need to cast on anything right now. High priority items are the penguin for Middleson’s birthday and the better than booties socks for Bailey. Bailey is my new almost grandchild. Her mom is sister to 2 of my children so I count her as mine. Middleson’s birthday is the 26th and the socks need to be done by april 4th. I realize this is plenty of time for these but ONLY IF I get my priorities straight.

Here we have  Baileys sock, the penguin, SJ, Jasbo’s socks, 2 garterlacs,  a hat that needs the ties, one of jim’s sock (the other isn’t cast on yet)       a kornknisse that needs a hat, a soap sweater and 2 completed korknisse’

I love the stupid little korknisse….useless, easy and something  for yard sale fodder.

I am off to watch “becoming Jane” while knitting…….alone yes I am ALONE!!! first time in months!

2 Responses to "UFO’s sighted daily"

How did you like Becoming Jane? I watched it the other night and liked it.

It’s a bird–it’s a plane–no, no it’s super-knitter! Wow, so many UFOs and ALONE too. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed seeing all the goodies.

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