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Archive for March 11th, 2008

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted. Life is so busy but FUN!

This is my first post from the new computer we bought. Had to retire the old one. It was getting very sick. I like this new one really well. Its fast and efficient and great for homework!

I am still knitting away on previously mentioned projects. I finished the red kornknisse, the tassels for the blue hat and frogged the penguin. Knitting worsted weight yarn on size 2’s was making me crazy. I bought red heart super soft because I thought it would be softer to knit with. It’s a bit fuzzy and was giving me fits. I hate to be a quitter! I simply cannot justify buying more acrylic yarn for the project at this point. Maybe for a Christmas gift?

I found this old purse I had felted and decided to finish it! I found the button at the thrift store the other day. That in and of itself is another story. They had a 5$ a bag sale. I had a blast!

I found some lining for it…. sewed it and pinned it to the bag…

I am on a roll! I tried to get Jasbo to hold the bag for me…

he refused to look at the camera! Guess he is getting oldenough to be embarrassed about holding purses for mamma!

I am still having some health problems. I have some tests scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully I get some answers.

Talk to you later!!!!!!

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