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I really should post SOMETHING

Posted on: March 20, 2008

My life has been crazy. My appointment was rescheduled until next week so I get to deal with my stomach stuff for a while longer. The end is in site though and for this I am grateful.  I am at midterm in my collegiate endeavors and this too is a thing for gratitude. This semester seems to go on and on. Just think…I am halfway though with practical accounting. YAAAH!

I have been knitting away and accomplishing little. I am in a potholder swap on Ravelry and that side tracked me a bit from normal knitting. I knit one nice round one for felting and …’s wavy around the edges. I cannot for the life of me get it to lay completely flat. So naturally I CO another. This one is a mitt.  It turned out much better.

I finally decided what to do with all that lovely Jasper yarn I purchased for a project last fall. you may remember the plans for a pine cone scarf. Forgot one detail……guage…… After completing the purse for Kerri, I had to have one. I am doing this one.

But without the flowers. I cannot decide if I sorta like those or hate them. I should be done with this by this weekend and be ready to post  prefelted pictures. I am loving the way it looks so far.  Felting is so fun. no gauge issues really.  Just relaxing knitting. I am almost at the decrease point. I cannot wait to tackle those applied icords. They fascinate me.Okay , so this is not the most exciting post in the world. I seem to loose my train of thought whenever I sit down to blog. I have been driving dh’s car to school. Saves me amost 10 mpg in fuel but leaves me with an hour of day of silence. No music in his car. Radio is broken beyond repair. So I drive along and think of all these clever little blog post. funny ones too. I get to the computer and POOF they are gone.

2 Responses to "I really should post SOMETHING"

I had to laugh when you talked about your funny blog post ideas. I do that all the time! I’ll think I’ve got a good blogging idea then I either can’t remember it or it doesn’t work when I type it in.

Can’t wait to see your purse!

Great bag. IMHO, the flowers are the perfect touch!

BTW, I’ve read that many of the well know and/or daily bloggers carry a notebook around and jot down ideas that occur to them for development later. Obviously not something you would want to do while driving, but maybe when you park?

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