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I was beginning to wonder if I would survive the whole Dr. ordeal . Tuesday they had me drinking that horrid stuff to clean me out. Actually I was quite certain they were trying to kill me. I went in for all my tests and did just fine. It was really cute how my parents came over also to make sure I was okay. My parents are adorable old people and so funny! My mom’s arms hurt so much she can’t carry a purse so my dad carries it for her. They both walk with a lean towards each other, like they are each holding the other up.

Of course my test was scheduled for 10 and I got in at 12. Lots of knitting time without interruption , although having an IV in you right hand can slow you down. I started the cabled purse from Knit picks that has been on my list since the first of the year. Very fast knit that will be done today!

The most exciting thing was being able to eat! After a 36 hour fast toast tasted wonderful! I ate my toast, drank my juice, walked for them and was released 15 minutes earlier than planned. I seem to bounce back just fine.

I have severe acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Hello high fiber diet! Good bye coffee…ya right!

Yesterday was also exciting because 11 years ago I was in the hospital . I was having this adorable child named Casey. Casey is an avid player of club penguin and made the Club Penguin Newspaper today for being such a great penguin.

Happy Birthday Caseyboy97! So glad you are mine!!!

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