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Leprechauns and purses

Posted on: April 8, 2008

It feels so good to have some time to blog. I should  be cleaning house but I DON’T WANT TO! I deep cleaned both of the boys rooms yesterday and rearranged them. Way to much work but everything is so organized now. All the toys are sorted into tubs and stacked on a shelf. Movies are sorted. It’s all rather scary the rooms being so neat!

We did the big trip to Casper this weekend. My daughter competed in the Destination Imagination state tournament. Her team was awesome. They received a special Renaissance award for outstanding backdrop on their set and….drumroll please……They took first place and are onto global finals in Knoxville Tennessee!  This is so exciting but also stressful. We have some major fund raising to do in the next 5 weeks. I am in charge of the yard sale.

I have been knitting up a little storm here. I finished two purses. This one I did for my niece and it was delivered this weekend. It was a fun project and got rid of that trellis yarn I’ve had for 3 years. Very much a purse for a 5th grader doncha think? The pattern is the Balloon Bag . I found it on Ravelry.

This one is the one I am in love with. I am going to make another and make it deeper so it can be my Bible cover. The pattern is chunky cabled bag from Knitpicks.  Knitting time was less than 2 hours. I found the lining in my mothers scrap bin. I love love love this purse! (note I found a new victim for purse holding- this one is equally as cute as my old one )

And while I was in Casper I spotted a very darling leprechaun! One a mother can be proud of!

Tomorow I will post the pictures of my grandchild!

1 Response to "Leprechauns and purses"

Wow, you’ve had a lot going on! Congratulations to your daughter and her team on their accomplishment!!! That’s great!

I love your purses, too. This purse model seems a little more enthusiastic than your last one. 🙂

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