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cables in bags

Posted on: April 20, 2008

I see a pattern developing here… no pun intended! I am in love with cables and bags. Put the two together and it’s a wonderful thing. I have a question about one of these bags. The pattern is Mini Messenger bag by Lori Law from 101 designer one-skein wonders. I have gauge and everything was fine till I started the flap. To me it’s obvious the flap is to narrow before felting. Would you pick up stitches on the edge and do a garter stitch border? that is what I am thinking about. It’s a graduation gift so I need to make a decision soon. I don’t want to rip it out! I hate it when these things happen. I followed the pattern so carefully.

This one is Lambe from

Kat, here is the beginning of a jaywalker…..its very slow knitting……

Especially with this one helping me!

3 Responses to "cables in bags"

You have the ideal knitting helper. Aren’t they wonderful–they just get right in there and nose around in the knitting. I couldn’t do anything without Macy’s help! And no pair of socks should be without a little cat or dog hair!

The flap looks narrow with the bag flat, but will it be right when something is in the bag and the bag isn’t as wide? (I can’t explain what I mean.) I just looked up the bag on Ravelry and yours looks similar to the others. I recently felted a bag and I’m not happy with it. I knew it was a gamble when I chose the colors… 🙂

Oops, I forgot to mention how sorry I am about your friends’ house. I’ll be praying for them.

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