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Weekend before last I was very productive in the yard!  Tthis was before the rains came. I mean to tell you I was getting stuff done like you couldn’t believe. Actually made my old body sore from the exertion.

I painted my porch which was in dire straights! this meant scraping, scraping and more scraping in preparation. I also finished sanding and painting my antique chairs. These belonged to Jim’s family and no one wanted them. I saved them from a dump run. go figure! I took down all the wind chimes and warshed washed them.

So what do you think?! (also a question…why must a child use chalk on a newly painted surface? wouldn’t the sidewalk work as well or better? its called sidewalk chalk for a reason!)

Note so self…my husband is awesome! Just lookit him cleaning out the poor overgrown bed along the house!

Now I need to get it all planted and keep it nice. I haven’t done much since these were taken. It keeps raining and raining and raining. My husband works at a bentonite plant and this rain messes his job up terribly. We have actually had 2 days with only sprinkles and I have planted 2 lilacs, 1 popular and 1 red maple. speaking of red maples I leave you with this photo of the murder. My nieghbor offered to buy me a new tree and things are all good between us but I was not very Christian in my actions when this took place!

We are off to Casper today to get yellow fever shots. I think I told  you my husband and daughter are going on a short mission to Peru. This is the last shot needed for that trip and we have to travel 4 hours to get it. Won’t that be a joy? Okay Marti change your attitude NOW! I actually look forward to the trip if only the kids wouldn’t touch each other, breathe each others air, look at each other or notice any of the above!

Gotta go google search for a yarn store in that area…..I feel better already.

Day before yesterday I was heading out to the nursing home for the church service. I was bobbing along happily to the truck when I must have kicked a bee off a dandelion. It got stuck in my sandel and stung me but good. I always have a bit of a reaction to these things so I headed to the drug store for benadryl. The next day (yesterday) my foot was really swollen and red. The swelling was starting up my leg so I went to the doctor. He said it looked like I had staph or strep infection in the wound. WEIRD! He ordered me to stay off my foot. I had my knitting with me (of course) and he agreed that I should sit and knit and nothing else! what a great doctor!

This is how it looked last night after going down some…..(hey is that a plumber in training in the background?)

All that sitting and looking at my poor foot got me to thinking about socks. Yes socks. I hate socks have I ever mentioned that? I only wear them in the winter and never in the house. I would rather have cold feet. I don’t know what it is about them but I can’t stand them. Yet the idea of knitting some haunts me. I can’t understand why I don’t enjoy them. So I sat last night wondering about this. This pondering and thinking led to the dreaded UFO pile where I found the following

jaywalker that will be frogged since I have no idea where I am in the pattern

Plain socks that I might finish. The yarn is sock it to me from Elann and it splits and I quit while turning the heel. I think these were for a Christmas gift last year or maybe the year before……

Here is another pair I started for Christmas for Jasper.

And finally the sock that killed my interest.The pattern is better than booties from IK free patterns. The fancy little top took me over and hour to knit. after that it was all down hill. These are for my granddaughter and I want to finish them. Thing is..if I finish the first one I have to face that stupid top thingy.

After much thought and rummaging around, I went back to knitting bags. I have one almost finished and 2 more started.

Hey did you all know mag knits is gone? I went there looking for the jaywalker pattern and for Sophie and it was no more……..bummer

I had a nice mothers day and I hope all you mothers out there did also. My daughter surprised me by singing in church and with some lovely gifts. (she is the curly haired blond)

She gave me some flowers…

She made me this pitcher in art for flowers. Of course I thought needles look much  better in it.  Please ignore the dust. I don’t clean house often.

Here is the wind chime that the boys bought me.

Spring was in the air today and I planted some stuff in my planters.

My oak tree survived transplanting ( it was on the property line and the lovely new neighbors were going to destroy it like they did my little maple tree…another story…not worth relating!)

And my daughter and I made a purse together. I did the flap with the cable. She is still a bit intimidated by cables…….

Jasbo had to get into the action when he spotted the camera. this is his imitation of his sister… what a ham!

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I went to the dentist and I have dry socket. I am getting better though and looking forward to more good days!

I am going through a very rough season in my life. My health has been an issue all this year. Just when I think I have things under control something else goes wrong. I had a bad tooth. My dentist did a root canal and I still had pain. We messed around trying to fix the tooth for over 2 weeks. Last week I got it pulled. Not an experience I recommend to anyone.  Hurt worse that childbirth but no rewards! The tooth next to it also had a root canal and a temporary filling which has now fallen out.  I think I am going to loose this tooth also. Not something I am looking forward to. I am a grouch. Pain medicine and me…well we don’t mix well. Makes me an irritable old hag to be around. Of course this all leads to stress which sets off the Irritable bowel syndrome.  I don’t know how my family can stand me. I have so much I want to do and I get nothing done. If I try to clean a closet, everything falls on me. I cannot walk though a room without stubbing my toe or tripping. Everything seems to be my enemy.   Except knitting. Knitting is my friend. I sit and knit and forget my pain. I am being very productive in this. I finished several bags and some other piddly things that have been laying around. I have ripped and re knit and ripped and re knit and still…knitting is my friend.  Muggles don’t get this at all. they are either amazed or bored by my knitting antics but still I knit. I knit and read books about knitting like  The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Knitting Circe. I wonder if I would be insane if I didn’t knit? I think I would be headed for a padded room. I know that this is a season I am going through that God is allowing and when I get through it, there will be growth. My faith is intact. I have the almighty maker of heaven and earth on my side so I know I have more than my knitting.   But I am thankful for the knitting.  No this has not been a cheerful post but this is my life right now.

Here is the messenger bag. I had to rip out the whole flap because I ran short of yarn. I added a strand of something that sort of matched and redid it. I added 2 stitches to each side so that it was wider. I was pleased with how it turned out. The cables scared me because they were almost non existant but with much pinching and work they popped right out.

Here is the purple carpet bag for my best friend.

and here she is posing with it.

I also did a blue striped bag that I didn’t get a photo of before giving it away and another messenger bag in sage green for my daughter. I am currently making a sweater for a chuwuawa that another friend owns. Poor little guy shiver all the time and the xxs sweaters she bought him are to large. Only a true friend would knit for a chuwuawa.

No Kat I haven’t touched the jaywalkers. sigh…….I hate socks!

Abigail is having a comment contest. Check it out. She is a marvelous knitter with great patterns.

1870 Pearl

I will do a real post soon. Finals week, need I say more?

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