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sux I mean sox

Posted on: May 23, 2008

Day before yesterday I was heading out to the nursing home for the church service. I was bobbing along happily to the truck when I must have kicked a bee off a dandelion. It got stuck in my sandel and stung me but good. I always have a bit of a reaction to these things so I headed to the drug store for benadryl. The next day (yesterday) my foot was really swollen and red. The swelling was starting up my leg so I went to the doctor. He said it looked like I had staph or strep infection in the wound. WEIRD! He ordered me to stay off my foot. I had my knitting with me (of course) and he agreed that I should sit and knit and nothing else! what a great doctor!

This is how it looked last night after going down some…..(hey is that a plumber in training in the background?)

All that sitting and looking at my poor foot got me to thinking about socks. Yes socks. I hate socks have I ever mentioned that? I only wear them in the winter and never in the house. I would rather have cold feet. I don’t know what it is about them but I can’t stand them. Yet the idea of knitting some haunts me. I can’t understand why I don’t enjoy them. So I sat last night wondering about this. This pondering and thinking led to the dreaded UFO pile where I found the following

jaywalker that will be frogged since I have no idea where I am in the pattern

Plain socks that I might finish. The yarn is sock it to me from Elann and it splits and I quit while turning the heel. I think these were for a Christmas gift last year or maybe the year before……

Here is another pair I started for Christmas for Jasper.

And finally the sock that killed my interest.The pattern is better than booties from IK free patterns. The fancy little top took me over and hour to knit. after that it was all down hill. These are for my granddaughter and I want to finish them. Thing is..if I finish the first one I have to face that stupid top thingy.

After much thought and rummaging around, I went back to knitting bags. I have one almost finished and 2 more started.

Hey did you all know mag knits is gone? I went there looking for the jaywalker pattern and for Sophie and it was no more……..bummer

6 Responses to "sux I mean sox"

I am so sorry about your foot! Grief that must have hurt.

Ouch! Here’s to quick healing.

BTW, I believe you can find the Jaywalkers and other Magknit pattern downloads on Ravelry.

Ah-ha! Now I know the problem with you knitting socks! Let me play the role of Mom for a moment–“If you had been wearing socks you might not have been stung by the bee.” LOL. Keep trying to knit those Jaywalkers. You can do it!! I love the booties. So cute!

Hope your little tootsie is better soon, but if I had to just sit and knit due to an injury I would milk it for all it’s worth!!!

I agree. Sorry you had to pay such a high price, but what a reward! Don’t give up on the socks. Take your time and persevere. If knitting socks truly doesn’t make you happy, DON’T DO IT! Knitting is all about fun, no pressure, even when it gets frustrating. Do what you love. Forget the rest. If you want to try something, and it’s frustrating you, take 15 years if you need to work in really small doses. Try not planning gifts for others. That just puts pressure on you. If you knit something you happen to want to give away, make it a gift after the fact. No deadlines that way.

[…] As I was reading Marti’s blog last week, I got to thinking about sock knitting. In her post, she expressed frustration at her lack of sock knitting progress. Still, she doesn’t want to […]

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Commonality.

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