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before the rains came

Posted on: May 29, 2008

Weekend before last I was very productive in the yard!  Tthis was before the rains came. I mean to tell you I was getting stuff done like you couldn’t believe. Actually made my old body sore from the exertion.

I painted my porch which was in dire straights! this meant scraping, scraping and more scraping in preparation. I also finished sanding and painting my antique chairs. These belonged to Jim’s family and no one wanted them. I saved them from a dump run. go figure! I took down all the wind chimes and warshed washed them.

So what do you think?! (also a question…why must a child use chalk on a newly painted surface? wouldn’t the sidewalk work as well or better? its called sidewalk chalk for a reason!)

Note so self…my husband is awesome! Just lookit him cleaning out the poor overgrown bed along the house!

Now I need to get it all planted and keep it nice. I haven’t done much since these were taken. It keeps raining and raining and raining. My husband works at a bentonite plant and this rain messes his job up terribly. We have actually had 2 days with only sprinkles and I have planted 2 lilacs, 1 popular and 1 red maple. speaking of red maples I leave you with this photo of the murder. My nieghbor offered to buy me a new tree and things are all good between us but I was not very Christian in my actions when this took place!

We are off to Casper today to get yellow fever shots. I think I told  you my husband and daughter are going on a short mission to Peru. This is the last shot needed for that trip and we have to travel 4 hours to get it. Won’t that be a joy? Okay Marti change your attitude NOW! I actually look forward to the trip if only the kids wouldn’t touch each other, breathe each others air, look at each other or notice any of the above!

Gotta go google search for a yarn store in that area…..I feel better already.

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