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My daughter and husband leave Saturday for Peru. I think its best to stay busy while they are gone.(with travel time they will be gone 13 days.) And what better for busy hands than new yarn.

My main project is the Garter ridge strip pullover (ravelry link) from Dogs who Knit and the men who lo Men Who Knit and the Dogs who love them. I was surprised that there was only one of these queued on Ravelry. I thought it looked like an easy sweater that my husband would actually wear. He has bugged me about knitting him a sweater for some time. He chose a lovely bland brown for his favorite color. Here is what I am going to use for the sweater. The coral is not as bright as it appears and is a color that looks good on him. This is my first sweater. Can I do it in 13 days? We shall see.

I can’t seem to buy yarn for just one project. It can be a problem at times. I keep justifying this as Christmas shopping done early.

I am going to make this up into a clapotis for my step daughter . I have seen a few done in a solid color and they looked good. This blue is yummy and looks just like her.

And finally I got this to make a Sophie for my sisters 65th b-day. I hoping to adjust the pattern and make it a bit larger. Do you thing this is possible? I saw one on a blog that the knitter had braided a large gemstone donut at the opening and it looked cool so I bought a really awesome one to do the same. Of course I can no longer find the blog I am speaking of ( I wasted 30 minutes or more looking for it, how smart is that?) Guess you’ll have to wait for my finish project to see what I mean.

Before I forget our family has grown. Last week Razzle came to live with us. Isn’t he cute? This is my first ever gray kitty.

Did I mention I am watching a friends child? He is a month over than my youngest. For fun we got them matching clothes. Double trouble for sure! Mine is the one in the denim shorts.

Once upon a time there was a tiny town in Wyoming. At its beginning this town was called the Lilac City for all the lilac bushes that covered its area. This town grew and its name was changed but its citizens still loved the lilac bushes all over town. A few years ago one citizen decided to make a festival in honor of the lilac bushes. The town was very happy about this as were its residents. This festival happens in June when the weather is a bit more predictable but alas the lilacs are done blooming. So the town thought it should have a queen and a princess each year to reign over the parade at fair time.  A queen is chosen from the ladies of vintage age who have done much for the community. It’s always very exciting to see the face of the winner as she is crowned and given roses.

But then there is the princess issue. The town was concerned that this would become a beauty pageant and that would not do at all. The lilac princess should project purity, poise, personality all in the presence of a large audience. Although a dress is required during the contest it should be a average dress that looks nice. No prom dresses or high heel shoes for this.  Each contestant is asked a question and the answer that is given usually finds a princess to serve the town for one year.



A princess is crowned

Does this make me a queen?

I can’t remember where I saw this. It was when we still had cable and I think they show was gluing mosaic tiles onto outdoor tables. They were also using broken glass plates. I though it was pretty cool and filed it away.  Later I saw in a magazine where someone had glued pennies to a bowling ball for the garden.  These are what was inspired. The first one I did I used mortar and that did not work well. It fell apart in the weather! These were all done with silicone and various flat marbles. Like I said in an earlier post my husband thinks its nuts.

I am going to work on one of these today. My knitting mojo is on vacation and perhaps doing something different will bring it back. I think it was knitting to many dishcloths that scared it off!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

“Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”

Saturday was the annual town wide yard sale day. I love this. The town comes alive. Cars are driving like a parade from one  house to another searching for that elusive bargain. I found a few myself.  My son bought a tv that works great, so he was happy.

I found this beautiful bowling ball for my art!

Here is the one I am already working on. My husband is quite certain I have lost my mind! (I told him I was eccentric before he married me. He must not  have been listening!)

Sunday we had a family barbecue at my SIL’s. One of my SIL’s had her son here for a visit. He is in the Navy and only gets to the states every 4 months. I hadn’t seen him for 6 years and he grew up! He has the most adorable wife. She’s a California girl who came to Wyoming wanting to see,do experience everything! It was refreshing to see someone with so much energy and enthusiasm for life. My children adore her!

The food was plentiful!

Jim is giving Cody the FACTS about something! (you can see Cody on deck of The Carrier!)

My nieces cat had a kitten. Her cat came from us a year ago when we had kittens and we are taking her kitten. Nuttin like keepin it in the family! This is Razzle who was loving Jim’s mom’s lap!

All in all it was a very relaxing afternoon.

My knitting is in a funk. I am working on some dishcloths but not doing much. I think it’s because I canceled NETFLIX. I need tv or a road trip to knit by. Maybe my SKYANGEL box will get here soon. Meanwhile I will catchup everything so I can have a marathon when it does.

Yesterday was a very good day. Sunday’s usually are once I get to church. Sometimes it seems weird to be in church after fighting with my children to get them ready. Anyone with kids knows what I mean.  The enemy is in full force when it’s Sunday. Yesterday was very smooth and there was no fussing beforehand. After church we had simple sandwiches since DH was working and I hate cooking when he isn’t home. I laid down for my weekly afternoon nap with a book and had the nicest little snooze. Till I woke up with Jasper petting my hair with his foot.

After my nap I was ironing. See that was the one glitch yesterday morning. A closet full of clothes that needed to be pressed. While I was getting started my phone rang. It was my best friend Tammy. She lives 2 hours away and our friendship is very phone based. After we talked a bit about this and that she asked me what I was doing and I told her, the rest went something like this.

ME: What are you doing?

HER: Waiting for my husband to come out of the store.

ME: Oh, Ya I need to go to the store too but I am to lazy.

HER: chuckling. My husband want to talk to you.

ME: Cool

she handed the phone off

HIM: Hey Sis whatcha doing?

ME: not much ( I spared him the iron saga)

HIM: You got any coffee made?

ME: yeah. Why?

HIM: Cuz I am pulling into your driveway and I want a cup of coffee.

ME: unintelligible screaming into his ear

Yep my best friend came over for coffee. Can you believe it? There is a mountain between us and they had lunch up at Bear Lodge then decided to come on down. I really felt the Lord’s goodness in this. He was dealing with me on some behaviors of mine that I kept telling him were because of dh. The Lord had kindly reprimanded me in church that my behaviors are mine and he would take care of dh and bless me if I were obedient. ( doncha hate that word sometimes?) I had made arrangements to talk to my pastor about this and had become willing in my heart to make some changes, He sent me my best friend to encourage me.

I don’t know where anyone who is reading this is with the Lord but I have to say HE IS SO GOOD TO ME. To all of us really. Sometimes I simply need to open my heart and my eyes to see the blessings all around me.


I bought this adorable bag Saturday at a yard sale. It’s really a makeup bag but I made it into a sock knitting bag. Thank you Faith for your post that made me want to persevere! If you haven’t read Faith’s blog you should. She is an inspiration to me!

Our family made a BIG decision. We have been cable free for 5 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long without it. But we rent movies. I think we’ve watched all that is worth watching on Netflix and Blockbuster and I like to have tv on while I knit. Without knitting I have no interest in watching it at all. My folks asked me to help them with there SkyAngel and when doing so I started wanting it myself. We had a family meeting and it was decided that we were going for it. It’s not like having cable at all although we will have FOX News, Animal planet and most importantly the Hallmark channel and Hallmark Movie channel. I will be able to watch Little House on the Prairie, and the Waltons. Okay so maybe that is not exciting to the Lost, American Idol generation but it is to me. (i’ve watched Idol once in my whole life and was not overly impressed…just me) I will also get 4 music video channels. All that Christian music!

This is a short post as I am off to WORSHIP with the Body this morning!

June 2008