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I’m so excited!

Posted on: June 1, 2008

Our family made a BIG decision. We have been cable free for 5 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long without it. But we rent movies. I think we’ve watched all that is worth watching on Netflix and Blockbuster and I like to have tv on while I knit. Without knitting I have no interest in watching it at all. My folks asked me to help them with there SkyAngel and when doing so I started wanting it myself. We had a family meeting and it was decided that we were going for it. It’s not like having cable at all although we will have FOX News, Animal planet and most importantly the Hallmark channel and Hallmark Movie channel. I will be able to watch Little House on the Prairie, and the Waltons. Okay so maybe that is not exciting to the Lost, American Idol generation but it is to me. (i’ve watched Idol once in my whole life and was not overly impressed…just me) I will also get 4 music video channels. All that Christian music!

This is a short post as I am off to WORSHIP with the Body this morning!

1 Response to "I’m so excited!"

I love Little House! So does my hubby. He likes the Waltons, too.

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