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Yesterday was a very good day. Sunday’s usually are once I get to church. Sometimes it seems weird to be in church after fighting with my children to get them ready. Anyone with kids knows what I mean.  The enemy is in full force when it’s Sunday. Yesterday was very smooth and there was no fussing beforehand. After church we had simple sandwiches since DH was working and I hate cooking when he isn’t home. I laid down for my weekly afternoon nap with a book and had the nicest little snooze. Till I woke up with Jasper petting my hair with his foot.

After my nap I was ironing. See that was the one glitch yesterday morning. A closet full of clothes that needed to be pressed. While I was getting started my phone rang. It was my best friend Tammy. She lives 2 hours away and our friendship is very phone based. After we talked a bit about this and that she asked me what I was doing and I told her, the rest went something like this.

ME: What are you doing?

HER: Waiting for my husband to come out of the store.

ME: Oh, Ya I need to go to the store too but I am to lazy.

HER: chuckling. My husband want to talk to you.

ME: Cool

she handed the phone off

HIM: Hey Sis whatcha doing?

ME: not much ( I spared him the iron saga)

HIM: You got any coffee made?

ME: yeah. Why?

HIM: Cuz I am pulling into your driveway and I want a cup of coffee.

ME: unintelligible screaming into his ear

Yep my best friend came over for coffee. Can you believe it? There is a mountain between us and they had lunch up at Bear Lodge then decided to come on down. I really felt the Lord’s goodness in this. He was dealing with me on some behaviors of mine that I kept telling him were because of dh. The Lord had kindly reprimanded me in church that my behaviors are mine and he would take care of dh and bless me if I were obedient. ( doncha hate that word sometimes?) I had made arrangements to talk to my pastor about this and had become willing in my heart to make some changes, He sent me my best friend to encourage me.

I don’t know where anyone who is reading this is with the Lord but I have to say HE IS SO GOOD TO ME. To all of us really. Sometimes I simply need to open my heart and my eyes to see the blessings all around me.


I bought this adorable bag Saturday at a yard sale. It’s really a makeup bag but I made it into a sock knitting bag. Thank you Faith for your post that made me want to persevere! If you haven’t read Faith’s blog you should. She is an inspiration to me!

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