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bowling ball beauties

Posted on: June 16, 2008

I can’t remember where I saw this. It was when we still had cable and I think they show was gluing mosaic tiles onto outdoor tables. They were also using broken glass plates. I though it was pretty cool and filed it away.  Later I saw in a magazine where someone had glued pennies to a bowling ball for the garden.  These are what was inspired. The first one I did I used mortar and that did not work well. It fell apart in the weather! These were all done with silicone and various flat marbles. Like I said in an earlier post my husband thinks its nuts.

I am going to work on one of these today. My knitting mojo is on vacation and perhaps doing something different will bring it back. I think it was knitting to many dishcloths that scared it off!

1 Response to "bowling ball beauties"

I love the marble covered bowling ball. It would be a great project to get the grandkids involved in during the summer! Thanks Marti for the great idea!

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