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In search of a princess

Posted on: June 25, 2008

Once upon a time there was a tiny town in Wyoming. At its beginning this town was called the Lilac City for all the lilac bushes that covered its area. This town grew and its name was changed but its citizens still loved the lilac bushes all over town. A few years ago one citizen decided to make a festival in honor of the lilac bushes. The town was very happy about this as were its residents. This festival happens in June when the weather is a bit more predictable but alas the lilacs are done blooming. So the town thought it should have a queen and a princess each year to reign over the parade at fair time.  A queen is chosen from the ladies of vintage age who have done much for the community. It’s always very exciting to see the face of the winner as she is crowned and given roses.

But then there is the princess issue. The town was concerned that this would become a beauty pageant and that would not do at all. The lilac princess should project purity, poise, personality all in the presence of a large audience. Although a dress is required during the contest it should be a average dress that looks nice. No prom dresses or high heel shoes for this.  Each contestant is asked a question and the answer that is given usually finds a princess to serve the town for one year.



A princess is crowned

Does this make me a queen?

1 Response to "In search of a princess"

Hail the Princess AND the Queen!! She is so beautiful! I love her dress and man, I wish my legs still looked that good! Congratulations.

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