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My daughter and husband leave Saturday for Peru. I think its best to stay busy while they are gone.(with travel time they will be gone 13 days.) And what better for busy hands than new yarn.

My main project is the Garter ridge strip pullover (ravelry link) from Dogs who Knit and the men who lo Men Who Knit and the Dogs who love them. I was surprised that there was only one of these queued on Ravelry. I thought it looked like an easy sweater that my husband would actually wear. He has bugged me about knitting him a sweater for some time. He chose a lovely bland brown for his favorite color. Here is what I am going to use for the sweater. The coral is not as bright as it appears and is a color that looks good on him. This is my first sweater. Can I do it in 13 days? We shall see.

I can’t seem to buy yarn for just one project. It can be a problem at times. I keep justifying this as Christmas shopping done early.

I am going to make this up into a clapotis for my step daughter . I have seen a few done in a solid color and they looked good. This blue is yummy and looks just like her.

And finally I got this to make a Sophie for my sisters 65th b-day. I hoping to adjust the pattern and make it a bit larger. Do you thing this is possible? I saw one on a blog that the knitter had braided a large gemstone donut at the opening and it looked cool so I bought a really awesome one to do the same. Of course I can no longer find the blog I am speaking of ( I wasted 30 minutes or more looking for it, how smart is that?) Guess you’ll have to wait for my finish project to see what I mean.

Before I forget our family has grown. Last week Razzle came to live with us. Isn’t he cute? This is my first ever gray kitty.

Did I mention I am watching a friends child? He is a month over than my youngest. For fun we got them matching clothes. Double trouble for sure! Mine is the one in the denim shorts.

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