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I love hearing from everyone. This is so fun to have so many visitors. I was asked whether or not I went with my husband on his “traditional” visit to Old Timer’s. The issue wasn’t old timer it was him wanting me to go with his sisters while he went to work. If he were going I would’ve packed my knitting and went.

Weird facts about me and mine

  1. I was an aunt the minute I was born. My nephew is 3 years older than me.
  2. My youngest son was an uncle the minute he was born.
  3. my family thinks I knit to much.
  4. I say exactly what I think, this gets me into trouble.
  5. I am often caught reading with one eye closed.
  6. My stepdaughter is 6 years younger than me.
  7. I cannot chew gum because I get carried away and bite my cheek.

For another entry in the giveaway tell me something unusual about you or your family. Also I have had some visitors I don’t know, if you recognize them let me know so you get another entry!

Since my old SP invited me I decided to check out the action. I find the instructions a bit vague but I am ready to give it a try. I am dong WIP wrestling. I came up with 6 projects I need to finish.

Is anyone else doing Ravelympics?

(remember your comments earn you yet another chance at the yummy yarn!)

I realized this morning that I buck traditions. My husbands family is extremely traditional and this causes problems in my house. When I was growing up my family had very few traditions. We didn’t attend church regularly, and really I can’t think of much we did the same year after year. Of course we always did Thanksgiving and I believe when I was really young we always opened gifts Christmas morning but that didn’t stick. My mom worked many holidays for double pay, and my dad was gone driving truck. One Christmas I spent with the neighbors. I was reflecting on this because today is Old Timers. ( a celebration held in Hyattville where my husband grew up) I went to this last year and was bored. It was a very clicky little bunch of people, my children were bugging me (mom can we go home? Mom there’s nothing to do etc) So this year I had planned to boycott this. My husband is sleeping so he can go work his 1st of 3 12 hour shifts so I planned a nice day in front of the AC watching the Love Comes Softly marathon with my knitting. Immediately upon arising this morning I was hit once again about going. My husband is a sweetheart and means well with all that he says and does. He can also be very pushy. His whole family is pushy in a nice way. Jim was insisting that this was a “tradition” and I should go. That’s when it hit me that I am a nontraditional person. Sometimes l like to open presents on Christmas eve and get the mess over with. Other times I want the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. Does this make sense to anyone but me? I wonder if this is because of my upbringing or just my personality. Share with me one of your traditions of non traditions to get 1 entry into my giveaway. What am I giving away? Well just check this out……….

Some beautiful Zen Yarn Garden in the crouching tiger colorway.This is so soft I could touch it all day and I love the colors. Great for all you sock knitters out there.

I want to keep this Twisted Sister’s Mirage for myself but I won’t. If someone tells me what size and how many beads are needed for Gilda (ravelry link) I will get those to add to the yarn. (Everyone who tells me gets 2 entries in my giveaway)

And just because I found this interesting some SWTC aMAIZing yarn.This stuff is like silk! I found a few patterns on ravelry that can be made out of one skien. One of them is a whimsy Kerchief found here.This is another yarn I would like to keep for myself. I love the subtle colorway of #372

Of course I shopped for myself but will share one of these adorable lantern moon sweaters with someone out there. The rest are going on my little knitting tree( a tradition something I am starting this year…more later on that)

One entry per comment, one entry for getting someone else to visit and comment. If you send someone over have them tell me you sent them and you both get entered. There will be more ways to enter as we go along. Drawing will be on August 13th- my mom’s 85th birthday.

I am still workin on clapotis. i am so close to being where I was that its not funny. I have to wonder about myself. I was using telemark and the color was icicle. Why didn’t I just order more instead of frogging? I would have 2 of them to give as gifts. Regret is not a good thing so I am assuming there is something else for the yarn.

I had such good plans to write a little something everyday. Lord knows I have plenty to write about. My life is full and overflowing but…..I have company. My oldest stepdaughter (A), her dd and their 2 dogs showed up Tues. AM for an undetermined length of time. I am cool with this although my house is very crowded. It’s been fun to have them here I am trying to get A to crochet or something. It would be fun to have someone to craft with. So far nodda happenin. She drove all night to get here because her car over heats and I think she is still trying to get her sleep caught up.

I am ready to do a contest. I have been reading about all these contests and it put me in the mood. I have some dogsitting money that is was burning a hole in my pocket so I went shopping with my readers in mind. I am not sure what I am doing yet so keep checking back. I will tell you where I went:


I bought some sock yarn and some interesting yarn. Now to figure out how to do this. My mind has many ideas. One of them I am stealing from Robin who I met recently because of her contact. Check out her lovely blog. She is an inspiration. Thank you Abigail for introducing us. I love meeting new knitters and bloggers don’t you?

And now Peru pictures.

Arent the Peruvian Peaple beautiful?

Aren't the Peruvian Peaple beautiful?

I have never been normal so that title is very  dishonest. It just sounded good! I am going to start off slowly with these Peru photos. Most of them are children and if you are really interested you can see them at Flickr.

My daughter took these photos with me in mind:

I am told that this lady also knits in this same spot.

Gifts were brought…….these finger puppets cost a solie each(about 30 cents) which seems sad for the lady making them.

Now of course I must discuss my knitting…..this is not good. I had some left over telemark from a purse I made, I ordered more so that I could make a clapotis..thought I would get started with the left overs and of course I picked the wrong color.

it was lookin so good, I was done with the increasing!

it was lookin so good, I was done with the increasing!

so curly and sad!

so curly and sad!

I will try to post everyday this week as I have lots to share!

I was so glad to hear from them yesterday when they hit Altanta! It took them over an hour to go through customs and they had to run to catch the plane to Denver but they made it! Most of the group drove home last night but not mine. I was really wishing they had last night but they needed sleep for safety’s sake! I can hardly wait till they get home. My granddaughter is most likely going to be joining them! She is 17 and had a bit of a struggle in life but is coming right along. She and Rache will head to camp on Monday. I figure Rache will need her spiritual batteries recharged.

Am I knitting? Yes I am (sung to the tune of Bob the Builder) I have still done nothing to dh’s sweater. Actually I have knit the ribbing several times and messed up every time. sigh! I finished my version of Sophie that I am calling Peggy Anne in honor of my sister. I made up my own pattern totally and have a nice adult sized version of it! Yes I am so excited! And I am almost done with section 2 of clapotis. I am very puzzled at how this will work out even though I can see where the stitches will drop. My panic with knitting things larger than hats and purses is that I will finish and it doesn’t turn out and I have to frog and start over. Why I let this bother me I don’t know.

I will be posting many pictures in the next few days as soon as my good little camera makes its way home! I am off here to clean house for my family’s return! Have a great day in Jesus!

ps                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you for your prayers on my behalf                                                                                                            my spiritual battle is much better!

Click on the image to get the details………hope someone I know wins!

I have been knitting some but no photos. My camera is in Peru with my husband and daughter. I am so lost here without them. I didn’t realize how attached to the camera I was till I couldn’t use it. If the camera were here I could show you the Sophie bag I over felted. It was so close to perfect but not quite and I put it back for just a moment and…..I forgot it. It’s a beautiful child sized purse but not what I had in mind. I am going to line it and save it for an emergency gift. I actually know a deserving girl who has a birthday next month so all is not lost.

I have my Amanda’s Squatty ready for the washer and I am going to cast on another sophie. I have knit 2 of

them and made them way to small. I am back to using gray yarn. I have some bulky that I am going to double, knitting on 15’s and see if I can get an adult sized purse out of it. Sounds like a plan right.

I admit it. I am here in my house on a pity trip of sorts. My husband and daughter are on the adventure of a lifetime and I am here shampooing carpets, watering the lawn and totally isolated. I know the isolation is my own fault. I choose it because it seems comfortable but after a while it becomes depression. My darling girl told me of miracles on the phone and I felt so left out. I will share one with you and perhaps get over myjealousy of missing out.

The group went to Santa Cruz for a few days to put steps up the hill to the church and build some pews. They had some supplies sent ahead and many items were packed into suitcases. 2 boxes of screws were left

behind in the states and there wasn’t going to be enough to build the pews. The miracle occurred as they built pews and didn’t run out of screws. They kept building and still didn’t run out of screws. They had screws left over. Rachel told me they counted and counted and knew that God had multiplied the screws just like the loaves and fishes in the Bible.

The enemy is having a heyday with me and I have sat here and allowed it. All those voices in my head telling me what is wrong with me and how I will always be on the side lines and never in the battle. I have to confess this to someone and get rid of these horrid thoughts. I hate feeling so useless and left out and yet here I am doing nothing….

Caleb’s mom was here last wens. and she took him to his grandfathers. This was hard as the grandfather is an alcoholic dying of liver cancer and Caleb will be around his dad who is also a drunk. That didn’t help things although it is much calmer at my house now that its just me and my 2 boys.

When I said I was off to a concert I should have been more specific. It was concert weekend on the Gospel Music Channel……….that’s how you knit at a concert. I also saw Mercy Me, The Blind Boys of Alabama and some weird bands I couldn’t stand to watch. Has anyone else out there saw/heard some of these new bands that scream (screamo my daughter calls it) wear make up like Alice Cooper and look very evil? I am still uncertain of my feelings about them.

Sorry about the confusion!

Well my husband and daughter left yesterday. I was so calm till they drove off and then I cried my eyes out. The house felt so empty I took the boys and went to Cody for a shopping trip. Ah the joys of Walmart with young children! We made it without my choking anyone which in and of itself was a minor miracle. Today of course there was church ( I was in nursery) and a fellowship meal. That made it a bit shorter. Caleb is back so its twin time again! Caseyboy has been so helpful and polite. That is a nice change.

I started dh’s sweater last night. I hate my size 7 circulars. They are boye and I cant get the twist out of them for the life of me. Its hard to knit when your needle resembles a lasso. So of course the answer to this is NEW NEEDLES and you can’t go online and just buy needles can you? I felt justified in purchasing yarn since I had to pay shipping anyway. Ah the joy of Meanwhile I am not knitting on his sweater. Got too frustrated. I think I will start another bag. I am leaning toward Amanda’s squatty. Now to choose a color. I was thinking about some plain gray and using up the blasted lion brand moonlight mohair I thought I had to have a few years ago (stuff is nasty by itself) for some added sparkle. The thing with MM is that you can’t frog it!

My so called twins just returned with new toys. The neighbors across the street and getting ready to have a yard sale. Caleb got a very loud card that makes 10 different noises and Jasper has this HUGE Buzz Light year. They are both very happy. I wonder if they have any yarn….

I am off to spend an evening with Casting Crowns in concert with my knitting in my lap………

July 2008