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Well my husband and daughter left yesterday. I was so calm till they drove off and then I cried my eyes out. The house felt so empty I took the boys and went to Cody for a shopping trip. Ah the joys of Walmart with young children! We made it without my choking anyone which in and of itself was a minor miracle. Today of course there was church ( I was in nursery) and a fellowship meal. That made it a bit shorter. Caleb is back so its twin time again! Caseyboy has been so helpful and polite. That is a nice change.

I started dh’s sweater last night. I hate my size 7 circulars. They are boye and I cant get the twist out of them for the life of me. Its hard to knit when your needle resembles a lasso. So of course the answer to this is NEW NEEDLES and you can’t go online and just buy needles can you? I felt justified in purchasing yarn since I had to pay shipping anyway. Ah the joy of Meanwhile I am not knitting on his sweater. Got too frustrated. I think I will start another bag. I am leaning toward Amanda’s squatty. Now to choose a color. I was thinking about some plain gray and using up the blasted lion brand moonlight mohair I thought I had to have a few years ago (stuff is nasty by itself) for some added sparkle. The thing with MM is that you can’t frog it!

My so called twins just returned with new toys. The neighbors across the street and getting ready to have a yard sale. Caleb got a very loud card that makes 10 different noises and Jasper has this HUGE Buzz Light year. They are both very happy. I wonder if they have any yarn….

I am off to spend an evening with Casting Crowns in concert with my knitting in my lap………

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