Addicted to Knitting


Posted on: July 10, 2008

When I said I was off to a concert I should have been more specific. It was concert weekend on the Gospel Music Channel……….that’s how you knit at a concert. I also saw Mercy Me, The Blind Boys of Alabama and some weird bands I couldn’t stand to watch. Has anyone else out there saw/heard some of these new bands that scream (screamo my daughter calls it) wear make up like Alice Cooper and look very evil? I am still uncertain of my feelings about them.

Sorry about the confusion!

2 Responses to "confusion?"

Pretty easy to tell ~ if it’s not glorifying God it’s of the flesh. Just put on a favorite cd and knit away!

I feel the same way about some of the new Chistian groups! I’m stunned when I hear them and left feeling like, “What was that about?” There have been a few new ones, however, on the Hour of Power that were great and I immediately downloaded them from iTunes. I guess I’m getting more selective in my old age!

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