Addicted to Knitting


Posted on: July 14, 2008

I have been knitting some but no photos. My camera is in Peru with my husband and daughter. I am so lost here without them. I didn’t realize how attached to the camera I was till I couldn’t use it. If the camera were here I could show you the Sophie bag I over felted. It was so close to perfect but not quite and I put it back for just a moment and…..I forgot it. It’s a beautiful child sized purse but not what I had in mind. I am going to line it and save it for an emergency gift. I actually know a deserving girl who has a birthday next month so all is not lost.

I have my Amanda’s Squatty ready for the washer and I am going to cast on another sophie. I have knit 2 of

them and made them way to small. I am back to using gray yarn. I have some bulky that I am going to double, knitting on 15’s and see if I can get an adult sized purse out of it. Sounds like a plan right.

I admit it. I am here in my house on a pity trip of sorts. My husband and daughter are on the adventure of a lifetime and I am here shampooing carpets, watering the lawn and totally isolated. I know the isolation is my own fault. I choose it because it seems comfortable but after a while it becomes depression. My darling girl told me of miracles on the phone and I felt so left out. I will share one with you and perhaps get over myjealousy of missing out.

The group went to Santa Cruz for a few days to put steps up the hill to the church and build some pews. They had some supplies sent ahead and many items were packed into suitcases. 2 boxes of screws were left

behind in the states and there wasn’t going to be enough to build the pews. The miracle occurred as they built pews and didn’t run out of screws. They kept building and still didn’t run out of screws. They had screws left over. Rachel told me they counted and counted and knew that God had multiplied the screws just like the loaves and fishes in the Bible.

The enemy is having a heyday with me and I have sat here and allowed it. All those voices in my head telling me what is wrong with me and how I will always be on the side lines and never in the battle. I have to confess this to someone and get rid of these horrid thoughts. I hate feeling so useless and left out and yet here I am doing nothing….

Caleb’s mom was here last wens. and she took him to his grandfathers. This was hard as the grandfather is an alcoholic dying of liver cancer and Caleb will be around his dad who is also a drunk. That didn’t help things although it is much calmer at my house now that its just me and my 2 boys.

2 Responses to "uggh!"

But you are in the battle, maybe just not the part your husband and daughter are in right now. They couldn’t have gone if you hadn’t been taking care of things at home. And you are doing a terrific job raising your kids in the faith! That is a huge victory for the Lord. You are not useless at all, but I understand how it is to feel that way. (Thanks for sharing the miracle about the screws.)

I got very behind on my blog reading and am catching up. Congratulations to the Princess and on getting Razzle! And I had the same trouble with the Sophie that I made. It’s a nice looking purse, but small.

If you can sit and pray you are never useless. Any battle needs the warriors AND the support team who sit/kneel and pray. Please know, dear friend, that you are doing your part!

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