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they’re in the states

Posted on: July 18, 2008

I was so glad to hear from them yesterday when they hit Altanta! It took them over an hour to go through customs and they had to run to catch the plane to Denver but they made it! Most of the group drove home last night but not mine. I was really wishing they had last night but they needed sleep for safety’s sake! I can hardly wait till they get home. My granddaughter is most likely going to be joining them! She is 17 and had a bit of a struggle in life but is coming right along. She and Rache will head to camp on Monday. I figure Rache will need her spiritual batteries recharged.

Am I knitting? Yes I am (sung to the tune of Bob the Builder) I have still done nothing to dh’s sweater. Actually I have knit the ribbing several times and messed up every time. sigh! I finished my version of Sophie that I am calling Peggy Anne in honor of my sister. I made up my own pattern totally and have a nice adult sized version of it! Yes I am so excited! And I am almost done with section 2 of clapotis. I am very puzzled at how this will work out even though I can see where the stitches will drop. My panic with knitting things larger than hats and purses is that I will finish and it doesn’t turn out and I have to frog and start over. Why I let this bother me I don’t know.

I will be posting many pictures in the next few days as soon as my good little camera makes its way home! I am off here to clean house for my family’s return! Have a great day in Jesus!

ps                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you for your prayers on my behalf                                                                                                            my spiritual battle is much better!

3 Responses to "they’re in the states"

That’s great that they’re back in the states! (When my husband took a trip to Costa Rica, I was so glad when he got back on familiar soil.) Have fun talking with them!

It’s difficult when family is far from home! Happy homecoming!

I’m working on a clapotis too. What yarn are you using?!

Three cheers for knitting Clapotis!! I still have not done that.

So glad to hear that everyone is back in the states and will be home soon. You are still in my prayers everyday Marti!

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