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back to normal

Posted on: July 21, 2008

I have never been normal so that title is very  dishonest. It just sounded good! I am going to start off slowly with these Peru photos. Most of them are children and if you are really interested you can see them at Flickr.

My daughter took these photos with me in mind:

I am told that this lady also knits in this same spot.

Gifts were brought…….these finger puppets cost a solie each(about 30 cents) which seems sad for the lady making them.

Now of course I must discuss my knitting…..this is not good. I had some left over telemark from a purse I made, I ordered more so that I could make a clapotis..thought I would get started with the left overs and of course I picked the wrong color.

it was lookin so good, I was done with the increasing!

it was lookin so good, I was done with the increasing!

so curly and sad!

so curly and sad!

I will try to post everyday this week as I have lots to share!

3 Responses to "back to normal"

Oh it looked so good before the frogging. I’m crying! The good news is what you did once you can do again! The pictures are wonderful!

Oh, no! And all because of color! I hope you give it another try!

I wonder how old that lady was when she learned to spin. I can imagine her sitting with her gram learning how. She makes it look so effortless. What lovely hands she has. Many thanks to you and your daughter for sharing these pictures.

I agree with Robin – the spinner makes it look very easy.

Sorry about your Clapotis. That must be really, really frustrating!

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