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I am still workin on clapotis. i am so close to being where I was that its not funny. I have to wonder about myself. I was using telemark and the color was icicle. Why didn’t I just order more instead of frogging? I would have 2 of them to give as gifts. Regret is not a good thing so I am assuming there is something else for the yarn.

I had such good plans to write a little something everyday. Lord knows I have plenty to write about. My life is full and overflowing but…..I have company. My oldest stepdaughter (A), her dd and their 2 dogs showed up Tues. AM for an undetermined length of time. I am cool with this although my house is very crowded. It’s been fun to have them here I am trying to get A to crochet or something. It would be fun to have someone to craft with. So far nodda happenin. She drove all night to get here because her car over heats and I think she is still trying to get her sleep caught up.

I am ready to do a contest. I have been reading about all these contests and it put me in the mood. I have some dogsitting money that is was burning a hole in my pocket so I went shopping with my readers in mind. I am not sure what I am doing yet so keep checking back. I will tell you where I went:


I bought some sock yarn and some interesting yarn. Now to figure out how to do this. My mind has many ideas. One of them I am stealing from Robin who I met recently because of her contact. Check out her lovely blog. She is an inspiration. Thank you Abigail for introducing us. I love meeting new knitters and bloggers don’t you?

And now Peru pictures.

Arent the Peruvian Peaple beautiful?

Aren't the Peruvian Peaple beautiful?

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