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I realized this morning that I buck traditions. My husbands family is extremely traditional and this causes problems in my house. When I was growing up my family had very few traditions. We didn’t attend church regularly, and really I can’t think of much we did the same year after year. Of course we always did Thanksgiving and I believe when I was really young we always opened gifts Christmas morning but that didn’t stick. My mom worked many holidays for double pay, and my dad was gone driving truck. One Christmas I spent with the neighbors. I was reflecting on this because today is Old Timers. ( a celebration held in Hyattville where my husband grew up) I went to this last year and was bored. It was a very clicky little bunch of people, my children were bugging me (mom can we go home? Mom there’s nothing to do etc) So this year I had planned to boycott this. My husband is sleeping so he can go work his 1st of 3 12 hour shifts so I planned a nice day in front of the AC watching the Love Comes Softly marathon with my knitting. Immediately upon arising this morning I was hit once again about going. My husband is a sweetheart and means well with all that he says and does. He can also be very pushy. His whole family is pushy in a nice way. Jim was insisting that this was a “tradition” and I should go. That’s when it hit me that I am a nontraditional person. Sometimes l like to open presents on Christmas eve and get the mess over with. Other times I want the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. Does this make sense to anyone but me? I wonder if this is because of my upbringing or just my personality. Share with me one of your traditions of non traditions to get 1 entry into my giveaway. What am I giving away? Well just check this out……….

Some beautiful Zen Yarn Garden in the crouching tiger colorway.This is so soft I could touch it all day and I love the colors. Great for all you sock knitters out there.

I want to keep this Twisted Sister’s Mirage for myself but I won’t. If someone tells me what size and how many beads are needed for Gilda (ravelry link) I will get those to add to the yarn. (Everyone who tells me gets 2 entries in my giveaway)

And just because I found this interesting some SWTC aMAIZing yarn.This stuff is like silk! I found a few patterns on ravelry that can be made out of one skien. One of them is a whimsy Kerchief found here.This is another yarn I would like to keep for myself. I love the subtle colorway of #372

Of course I shopped for myself but will share one of these adorable lantern moon sweaters with someone out there. The rest are going on my little knitting tree( a tradition something I am starting this year…more later on that)

One entry per comment, one entry for getting someone else to visit and comment. If you send someone over have them tell me you sent them and you both get entered. There will be more ways to enter as we go along. Drawing will be on August 13th- my mom’s 85th birthday.

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