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Ravelympics anyone?

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Since my old SP invited me I decided to check out the action. I find the instructions a bit vague but I am ready to give it a try. I am dong WIP wrestling. I came up with 6 projects I need to finish.

Is anyone else doing Ravelympics?

(remember your comments earn you yet another chance at the yummy yarn!)

6 Responses to "Ravelympics anyone?"

I joined the Sweater Sprint and WIP wrestling.

There’s a crochet jacket from Lion Brand called Moderne Jacket that I’m doing in Cascade 220 and Alpaca with a twist held together. Is it cheating that it’s a bit bulky and it’s crochet so should move fairly quickly?

Also, my WIP’s are crochet projects. My LYS is having a Crochet Olympics so I’m simultaneously joining that. The WIP I’m going to try to crash through are the bunny slippers from Happy Hooker.

I signed up yesterday. I will probably do a lace wrap.

I’ve been thinking about it. Good for you to do the WIP Wrestling. That’s really what I should do if I participate! 🙂

no olympics for me, i’m going to work on another batch of Iowa State Univ sweaters. (see my blog).

I join in Ravelry things when I can, but that is not very often. When I joined I really didn’t know how little I would be able to “play in the Ravelry playground.” It’s not much!

Nope, no rav-lympics here. I am currently finishing a few projects before the KAL and got behone on the last STR sock..toe up is kicking mu butt! SO i am diligently working on these but also stuck late at work more this season! good luck on making a dent though!

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