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August 1st

Posted on: August 1, 2008

I read Tammy’s post this morning and it made me smile. Surprises, they don’t always turn out do they? I am a hard person to surprise. Here’s another unusual fact…I peek in Christmas packages. I do this for more than one reason. First off I can’t stand not knowing what is in those packages, even my kids gifts from other people can make me sneak a peak. Sad isn’t it. I justify this with the fact that I can act happy at a gift that is not what I was expecting. My darling husband, bless his heart, is a terrible shopper. Poor guy hasn’t got a clue and yet his heart is bigger than Texas. Christmas before last he got me a lamp. An ugly lamp that is adjustable so that my light isn’t in his eyes when I read in bed (and no I am not always aware that I read with one eye closed) I have given him lists and yet he doesn’t shop off of them. I think he is a bit ADD and looses the lists!

There was this one really nice yet scary surprise he gave me. At the beginning of our Sunday School we meet in the sanctuary to sing and share. There is a time for memory verses and a time for testimonies. My dh proposed to me during this. Yep! Good thing I wanted to marry him!

Another unusual thing is that my first child was very large. My sister and I were pregnant together and due 2 weeks apart. I went over my due date and so did she . Her dh called on June 28th to tell us they had a 10 pound boy. I said ” I sure am glad I aint having a 10 pound baby”. On the 30th I had my boy…yep 10 pound 4 ounces. Just shows you should be careful what you say.

Here are our boys recently.

My long haired boy. his hair is at least 4 inches longer than it looks.

Isnt he so cute?

Here is my sisters boy with my parents. My dad is 6′ while Nick is 6’8″

I also want to mention that I think Robin should win a prize for most unusual thing posted about herself. Check out her blog. She does some amazing knitting!

6 Responses to "August 1st"

Your blog has been such a fun read ~ I’ve been looking forward to it each day! And what a great picture of your nephew with your mom and dad!

Ooo, 10 pound babies. No fun! I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

I thought of something else unusual (but not as unusual as Robin’s!). Once I was “attacked” by a cougar. A friend was raising a cougar named Thor and we went over to see it. One second Thor was sniffing my shoe laces and the next second he had jumped up on me. His bottom legs wrapped around my waist, his front legs were on my shoulders and his open mouth was on my face. I think he was playing and surprisingly I wasn’t scared at all. In fact, for some reason I wrapped my arms around him when he did that. It freaked everyone else out, though. And now I have a cool story to share about how I was “mauled by a cougar.” 🙂

My husband got my a complete set of pots and pans one Christmas. Surprise!?

Oh, Beth! What an experience! I step aside so you may take your rightful place!!!

Lol, i loved Robins post! (and yes, i love her blog as well! Just bookmarked it this morning) Had to laugh about the 10 pound baby, my hubby was more than 10 pounds when born…of course this is told to me a few months before the birth when i have eaten healthy and gained an ungodly amount of weight! Thank goodness daughter was under 8, but still…too funny, your sister had the last laugh!

I just love the family photo of your parents and nephew.

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