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Yesterday was my monthly trip to the city for supplies. This always seems like such a great idea till the day is over and I am trying to put away $250 of groceries from Cosco. I go with my parents to do this and that is good and bad. Always good to spend time with them and at their ages the days are numbered we get together. Yesterday was going to be girls day out. Mom, me and Child of Clay. I ended up taking Jasbo too!

We started out at Ross. What a great place to get school clothes. My boys don’t ever need as many as CoC. She is starting high school this year and that makes it more important than ever to have “clothes”. She is a good little shopper and very thrifty. We spent $138 and got for her:3 pairs of jeans, a top and a zip up hoodie, for middle son: socks, underwear, shoes and a cool billabong shirt, and Jasbo got shoes, socks and underwear, I got some of those magazine stored boxes in hot pink for my knitting mags. I think we did really well!

I was dissapointed that I missed out on any craft/knitting stores but I spent my money at Sally Beauty Supply. Now if I could have one or two people need a highlight done I could recoup and shop online.

The contest is also doing well. If you are doing one yourself and want to increase traffic try this (Thanks Abigail!) I have been deluged with sudden comments. Perhaps new friendships will be formed from this.

I wrote a nice little post yesterday and published it but apparently wordpress ate it as it is gone. I was telling you all about my insanity. I have been sweating perspiring at an alarming rate even at night and having these weird mood swings. I cannot seem to handle chaos at all. I was telling a friend about this and she told me I was having menopause. What? I am only 42 with a preschooler at home. This can’t be true. But alas, I think it is. I am not a bit happy about this but ,sigh, what can a gal do? I am going to see a Dr. and see if I can get a little help with this. I HATE the thought of taking hormones but I may have to. I want to check out natural alternatives but since I am on antidepressants I will see what the Dr. orders.

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