Addicted to Knitting


Posted on: August 9, 2008

That is my word for today. I am totally overwhelmed. I should be knitting but…life is getting in the way. My son came for a visit which is great! My sister will be at mom’s tomorrow (all the way from Abilene), my brother will be there Monday (from Moscow ID) and someone well meaning ladies gave me 2 coolers full of frozen apricots, cherries and plums to make jelly with. I am in the process of defrosting the freezer to attempt to fit it all in there! My house is trashed and I should be  cleaning knitting. As a matter of fact knitting sounds really good right now.

Tomorrow’s post:

2 finished bags, 1 pair slipper socks and some hand dyed dishcloth yarn!

For todays comment……what is overwhelming you today?

5 Responses to "aaaaaaaaaaah!"

Today I was overwhelmed by the fact that it was an amazing day for a ride but I never managed to get there. Nothing seemed to go quite right even though nothing really went truly wrong, and that got to be a bit much for me.

yikes! good luck, my day was filled with many pairs of hands and feet!

Laundry. I have 4 kids 4-and-under so you can imagine the laundry. Yuck!

I’ve been overwhelmed by too much time to myself this summer ~ causing me to jump from task to task to task and rarely settling. It’s back to work/school on Thursday and that’s a good thing as my natural tendency is to cocoon (and I know that’s not why the Lord saved me!)

Overwhelmed by work here! I have stuff piled up on my desk so high I can’t see over it. I think the paper elves were here last night because it wasn’t like this when I left yesterday. I just have to get the big trash can in here and everything will be fine!

BTW you had me at “hand dyed dishcloth yarn”!!!

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