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hand dyed?

Posted on: August 11, 2008

I joined up for dishrag tag and wanted to find some really different yarn to send on to the person I tag.  I think the companies need to make some new colors since I was unable to find anything that really caught my eye. I was searching through my own stash and found some WHITE and since I like dying yarn I decided to make something myself.

I was inspired by these:

And this is the result:

Not exactly the same but still very nice!

Here is my first WIP wrestling fo:

I know I was going to post photos of 2 finished bags but they are gifts and I am hoping to take photos today of my sister and sister in law with their new bags. So instead I leave you with this…….

6 Responses to "hand dyed?"

Love your dyed yarn!!! I have some cream cotton in my stash and hadn’t even thought of dying it (what was I thinking) What did you use to get those colors? It is so gorgeous!


I would make dishrags if I found yarn as lovely as the stuff that you dyed! Very very nice.


You did a great job dying that yarn! I’d love to know what base yarn you used and how you dyed. Please share!

There is no such thing as a little tiny snake! They are all huge and ugly!!! I hate snakes.

The hand dyed cotton yarn is too beautiful for words. I think I will try that.

You did a fantastic job on the yarn! It’s great!

I love your “mixed Cosmos” yarn! It’s gorgeous!

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