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I was reading Tammyknits and I so totally agree with her on WIP wrestling. I am forcing myself to keep going so I don’t let my team down. I finished one of Jasbo’s socks last night. Yep a sock. A worsted weight sock on 4mm needles but a sock none the less. I really struggle with the kitchener stitch at the toes. Mine never looks good. Maybe that is why I get discouraged with socks.

Tomorrow is the big day! I will try to announce the winners but I doubt anything will be mailed till later this week. One of my sisters arrived from Abilene on Sunday and my brother from Idaho made it in yesterday. My other brother will be here in the morning and it’s party time. (picture people sitting around a table, talking and laughing, nothing to strenuous)

Now about that yarn…I started with Lily Sugar and Cream in white and the dye is Jacquard. The rasberry color is the procion that I bought for tie dying. I was planning to buy more and get enough for a party but didn’t follow through before the store on Amazon closed. I ended up buying  a kit  also by jacquard but the dye in it is not as vivid. I redyed the purply part 3 times. I was disappointed that it kept rinsing out and  wishing I had more of the procion. I basically took the  yarn and wound in on my knitty knotty made from pvc. I started by putting just a bit each of it in the 2 dyes in a large glasses and kept feeding more in hoping for a graduated effect. I am thinking I need to buy a  pound spool of white and try again. Imagine the possibilities……..

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This contest has been fun and I have “met” some really nice knitters on the net!

Now back to the house cleaning so I can wrestle those WIP’s

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