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My family has all headed home which is always sad for me. I don’t get to see my siblings enough.  I love being able to hear about their lives and listen to them reminisce about childhood.  Since I was born so late in moms life they have very different accounts than I do.

Here is the birthday girl……

We had a nice time at the park. Very simple food and room for children to play. My sister and sil both loved their purses. I asked them to post with them which turned into an ordeal. As they tried to decide which way to stand and how to pose my brother commented that I should come back in a few days when they were ready. Here they are trying to get it together while my brother looks on.

Now one of them posed. They seemed excited to be on the internet and I promised to change the names to protect the innocent so we will call the shorter one Zelda (my brother’s humor) and the other one is my sister Peggy.

Don’t they look good? Zelda is 54 and Peggy will be 65 next month. They are not your average senior citizens.

Ravelympics update: still slow going. There is a reason these projects were still in progress.

Here is a link to check out. These cable necklaces are very cool and the videos interesting to watch.

Packages go out today!  This has been so fun! I am thinking of doing another one with the entries being a tiny knitted item for my tree……whaddayou think?

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