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missing mojo

Posted on: August 17, 2008

I am at a horrible place right now. I have no interest in knitting. I am forcing myself because of ravelympics. Not only do I not have interest I am making  horrible mistakes that have to be frogged and fixed.

I strung  beads on some wildfoote I have had forever and will never make socks out of. I would like to make the purse like Robins only larger. (btw way Robin, wish you could have listened on the phone last night as my best friend opened her gift to find the bag I bought from you. She is in love with it) Now I cannot justify knitting this mini bag until I finish my other projects. Any ideas on how to get my mojo back? I think I am going to move to my bedroom to knit where its peaceful. Maybe that will help.

Family facts…

here is how it is. My oldest brother is 23 years older than me. then there are 2 sisters 21 and 22 years older than me. Mom took a break for 6 years and had my brother, another 6 1/2 year break and another sister, then 7 years later there was me. My dad died when I was 12 (suicide) Mom remarried when I was 15 to the man in the picture whom I refer to as my dad. (he has put up with enough he deserves the respect of the title) So my mom has 6 kids, 16 grandkids and 15 great grandkids. Of the grandkids my nearest sister and I have 10 of them. If all that is not confusing enough I married an older man with adult children. His son in law is the same age as me and it just gets worse. But I am blessed, as Suzanne stated in her comment, to have a loving family for the most part. My one sister is a bit of a grudge carrier. Hasn’t spoke to me in over a year. I called at Christmas to apologize and she didn’t accept it. I think all families are strange in some way. I was sure my husbands family was much more normal than mine. Almost 7 years of marriage have wiped out that myth.

My Ravelympics WIP wrestling list

3 dishcloths, 1 pair of socks (almost done) 1 hat (ravelry link) and 1 baby sweater. Somebody motivate me please! My team is counting on me!

6 Responses to "missing mojo"

As my father says, we don’t have a family tree… we have a family hedge. And that’s just his side of the family! My mom’s side appears normal but is full of secrets.

Anyway… I can help you with that knitting mojo. STOP the Olympic knitting NOW!!! Be free… knit what you want! 🙂

Hi! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Get done what feels enjoyable and leave the rest for another time. We are thrilled that you’re on our team! No matter how many or how few projects you finish!

My family is similar to yours …I don’t believe there are any normal families. The TV families aren’t even normal. If the fictional Brady’s and Cosby’s couldn’t do it, how the hell are we suppose to have “normal” families.

As for you knitting, knit what you love. It shouldn’t be chore!

I agree, stop knitting what isn’t making you happy. There is a time and season for everything. Something you like to knit, something small and easy, quick gratification. For me that’s usually a dishcloth, one hour later and some soft cotton and I am feeling better.

No ones family is perfect… the grass is the same green on all sides of the fence, lol. Grass is grass.

Remember though you are part of God’s family… and that’s the family that will last for eternity.

I agree with everyone – knitting should be fun and a stress-reliever. The minute it’s not, faggetaboutit and wait till it starts again.

As for families … I have taken my 20 year old daughter and my 93 year old mother on vacation for the week. An interesting challenge. And I have a grudge-holding sister too. Instead of being happy for anything good that happens to me, she seems to think it is an affront to her. She is also older than me and retired but does nothing to help with my mother while I work full-time and have a daughter in college and manage to phone my mother every night and visit her every week, do her shopping, take her to dinner, etc. I’ve stopped worrying about my sister and trying to have a relationship with her – it is just impossible.

We’re all in agreement ~drop the burden and pick up the pleasure! I had a similar experience trying to knit a hat out of some yarn that just didn’t want to be a hat! After frogging, re-knitting, washing, stretching, I threw it in the trash and it’s gone, gone, gone. (I’m so glad your friend loves the bag!) Blessings to you tomorrow as school begins.

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