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Its the first day of school. Middleson had a difficult time falling to sleep last night and was very nervous this morning. He started middle school which includes a 10 mile bus ride each way. My heart is with him today. He is a brilliant child and school is good for him. Socially he has many problems. He has aspergers and this makes him seem very strange to his peers. My social life at that age was not the greatest either and I had no disorder making me strange but still I can relate to him. Child of Clay on the other hand was off to high school without a backwards glance.

I have found some inspiration. I moved the telly into my room, sorted yarn and got things ready to roll. I cast on the beret in this photo and found the pattern not detailed enough. I like diagrams and pictures of different angles. this one needs all of the above. This is from Hats a Knitters Dozen that I purchased some time ago.

I love hat and bags. These are 2 of my favorite things to knit. Since I got lost somewhere in the above pattern I cast on another snowball hat in mulled wine highland peruvian wool from knit picks. This is a fun hat to knit and not at all difficult. I made one last year for COC and she has misplaced it and requested another. This inspired me to pick up the baby bolero that is in my WIP wrestling. I am going to attempt to finish that today.

Now for a tradition of sorts. I always take picture of my kids on their first day of school. I hadn’t considered this a tradition, simply something I do. When they were littler I would take them to school and get photos in the classroom. COC was less than thrilled with the whole photo op this morning.

Does anyone know anything about CSS? Or where to find good info on it?

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