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It was a bargain

Posted on: August 21, 2008

I am what you would call thrifty for the most part. When it comes to yarn that is more difficult. You know how it is. Head into a yarn store to “look” and surely you will buy (I do) So yesterday I avoided going to the Iron Kettle with all that was in me. I am getting ready to start school and I need all my extra cash for that. Besides I have tons of yarn. I have been sorting my yarn like a woman on fire. (confession: I like novelty yarn. dont knit much with it but own plenty of it) I decided it was time to let some of the cheaper stuff go. The icky feeling acrylic stuff that has been gifted to me that I hate to part with. You know I might need that someday. I packed up a plastic grocery bag of it to drop and the thrift store yesterday. After dropping my donation, shopping at walmart, getting my son home I decided to go to the other thrift store in Cody. Its a very packed building that is difficult to move in and I rarely go there. They were having a $3 a bag sale. This is what I got:

Here it is again all wound nicely.

This is all Hovland Natur from Norway. It’s a bit scratchy feeling but oh thing of the bag possibilities! I feel a felting project coming on……981 yards of yarn for $3. smiling here!

6 Responses to "It was a bargain"

WOW!!! You definitely scored! I bet that would felt wonderfully!

Great fall colors and what a find:)Hugs Darcy

I have to find out thrift stores, I am missing out

WOW! You are one lucky girl – all I ever find at my thrift stores is acrylic… icky… but I keep looking, hoping one day to hit the jackpot, just like you! Have fun with it!

Yummy looking yarn and great colors! I see a beautiful bag in there. Gosh, you have enough for a tote! I never thought to check out the thrift stores for yarn. Thanks!

Wow, you lucky duck! I never find the goods like that at my thrift shops. Sometimes I find acrylic and once I found 2 balls of dishcloth cotton, and that’s been IT for yarn finds.

I agree with Katherine that it looks like you have a great fall bag there!

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