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on a positive note

Posted on: September 3, 2008

My husband has admitted his part (irrisponsibility) and forgiven me. It is still a major blow, he used it to sing at the nursing homes and such.

I am knittin away on my bargain yarn. I am making my other sister a purse. She prefers wide and shallow and I found a pattern, cast on and worked for days, ripped out and started over. It was going to be to wide even after felting. I am 2 inches away from the end. Here’s what I did…cast on 60 st size 11 needles, worked 42 rows in garter, picked up all the stitches and away I went. Rows do take a while with that many stitches but it is coming along.

I am starting my computer class today. I had 2 chapters to read and I like it even though it will be extremely challenging. Will be awesome to be able to fix computers! I will go to Cody first, shop, pick up my oldest son and then head to class. Makes me be gone all day long! I am grateful I found a nice girl to watch my youngest. She is 19 and loves kids, she will play and interact with him! YAY!

Thank you all for your comments! It helped me to be reminded not to beat myself up. Which I was doing!

I am still looking for 2 people to pay it forward!

2 Responses to "on a positive note"

Good luck with the computer class. It sounds like fun. And tell DH we are proud of him for fessing up to his part in the mishap. The nursing homes need him so start looking on eBay for a new one!

Glad you aren’t beating yourself up anymore. there is a reason for everything. I’d love to see the purse you’re making.

I’ve been thinking about taking a computer class maybe next year. You’ll have to let me know how hard it really is

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