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Not Much

Posted on: September 5, 2008

The title tells it all when knitting progress is measured in my house. I am still in a slump. I knit a triangle shawl out of some Homespun by lion brand which was a bit of a time waster. I have 6 more skiens of this in my stash and was planning to knit it all into shawls for elderly but not sure now. If only COC would do it. she has the ability and it would keep her busy watching tv but I doubt that will happen. I am thinking seriously about sending it to here.  Its for a great cause.

I am still working on the bag. Seems to be taking forever. Hopefully this weekend will end that. I also have to help COC get started and finish this…its a gift for her friend’s

I've been stuck in this pose forever!

birthday. she hasn’t knit all summer so it may not go fast at first. I am always willing to help her when she wants to knit.

Computer class went well. The teacher is nice and easy to follow. She is the only other female in the class, also the only other person over 25. That was a bit interesting. A class of computer geeks and me! Monday we are taking apart a computer and putting it back together. should be really awesome!

I am off on another road trip today. I want to get some cleaning convenience supplies. I started cleaning a house for a lady here in town. She has all these cool tools. Some of which I have to have. Including a swiffer sweeper, a swiffer duster, a mr clean magic reach and some clorox wipes. I normally don’t spend on more expensive cleaning supplies but having used hers and recognized the time saving involved, I gotta have em. You know time is knitting!

5 Responses to "Not Much"

I love it…time is knitting!

I’m so impressed by this computer class you are taking! It sounds like a terrific career path! I think we’re all in a knitting slump ~ maybe it’s the weather!

The computer class sounds really cool. I think I’d be much more interested and appreciative of any higher learning class now at this point in my life.

With autumn teasingly on the horizon, I’ve notice I’ve been looking a little more at some knitting. I finished the first sock of a pair that lingered all summer in a bag. I was afraid I’d find the bamboo needles broken it had been so long I’d seen that project. We’ll see, however, if it takes 6 more months before I get the second sock done.


I haven’t knitted in a couple days, ok a few days either.

Tomorrow I will especially if the dish rag tag box arrives.

What fun a room full of geeks under 25. You’ll be the room mom. LOL

Wow nothing is more fun than being in a room full of geeks!! I love techies! Just think, you are going to be one. We can calll you the knitting geek!

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