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The weekend certainly flew right by me! I spent a good deal of my time cleaning. I wiped down all my walls with the swiffer. what a tool! I am trying to get organized and that is not easy. I have let things go for to long. I am thankful for my cleaning job that showed me just how much  I need to clean my own house.

I finished and felted that bag… didn’t turn out. Started another, re arranged yarn in my stash and looked at swiffer patterns. That’s it for the knitting front, oh yeah I did cast on that hat for my daughter and get her started.

Now for some brutal honesty. I have a bad temper sometimes. A month or so ago was that last big meltdown. I threw a glass and broke it. I am still finding tiny bits of glass on an almost daily basis. No matter how often I sweep and mop, there is another to remind me that I don’t need to act like that. There is a better way to handle and anger and that if I would give up some control issues I wouldn’t be so angry. Funny thing is, no one else has said a thing about finding glass on the floor. And they would if they did! So I am responsible for my own mess.

This also got me to thinking about a book I read called “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn. (Anyone ever read any of his? if not I HIGHLY recommend all of his) The main character in the story, an American, is in an underground church in China when one of the speakers gave this illistration. He broke a glass and then stomped on it and kept stomping on it untill it was in bits all over the room. The glass represents Christianity and the breaking it represents the Chinese government that is trying to destroy it. the more it works to “stomp” it out, the more it spreads. Its hard for me to imagine waking in the middle of the night to sneak to a church somewhere and risk my life for it. I think in some ways we have it to easy here in America. We assume because our country was founded on God that we will always be free to worship Him openly.  What do you think?


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