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already Saturday?

Posted on: September 13, 2008

I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. Even being sick didn’t slow it down. Monday I went to class and was fine. Took apart a computer completely (with a partner) and put it back together. It booted so that was great. After class I went by a thrift store ( one of my weaknesses) and found some great old hats! I would show you the photos I took of them but…it seems darling daughter of mine borrowed my camera for the retreat she went on this weekend. When I was in this store I started sneezing. I thought it was because of something in the store. By evening I was worse. Tuesday I had to take dd to the ortho and was much worse afterward. Wens. I stayed home and knit all day. I made a darling hat for my son. Its the half pipe by Deb Stoller. Again a photo will be forthcoming when I can do it. It looks so cute on my son and it was a fun knit. I was a bit leary about 5 inches of ribbing but it went well. I used some Elann Chunky  in Lichen. I like this yarn alot. DS thinks its itchy but I think it won’t be when its cold outside.

I am working on a snowball for dd. she lost the one I made last year. This one is in mulled wine (mauve) I wanted to get it done while she is gone. Its hard to do Christmas knitting with her around. She is very observant you know. While I was looking at the pattern  I kept seeing the add for the square knitting needles from Kollage. It got me curious and I checked out their site. They have some interesting stuff. Did you  know there is yarn made out of milk? This is puzzling to me and I will most likely have it on my mind all day.  I put a link in so that you to can puzzle over this.

Dh starts vacation today. It’s a working vacation as he is putting a roof on my parents house. (not alone, my brothers and one BIL will be helping.) I am looking forward to having some time with him. I am going to get a sitter and take him on a date tonight! Sound like a plan?

Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to "already Saturday?"

Where are you taking DH tonight? When I was first married we had a date night once a week, it was so nice. Then kids came… now we are lucky to get a weekend morning together… and our kids are 23 and 26. Keep those date nights going, cause if you stop, you might end up like us.

Wow! Sounds like the computer class is going well! Thanks for your prayers! Ike wasn’t bad for us. We had some outer bands hit us, but nothing too bad. Last night the power went out a few times but when I got up this morning everything was fine PTL!!!

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