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Weighing in….

Posted on: September 19, 2008

We didn’t have an official weigh in. Not till next meeting but I weighed myself anyway. Not a nice number.     Here are some pictures my dd took of me.

I am posting these to remind myself of what I look like. I have a tshirt my daughter bought me that is too small and some jeans that are also so small. I am using them for my first goal.

Here is the members kit….

And for some knitting… is one of my next projects. The hat not the scarf……

2 Responses to "Weighing in…."

I am excited for you and your new venture, Sounds like a good God based program, how can you go wring there.

I took before pictures this week of myself too. I haven’t posted them anywhere yet… but I am hoping to make one of those moasics showing several months at a time.

I like the beaded hat, you are braver then me, I am not ready to work with beads yet

Good luck with your diet! You can do it!!!

I love that beaded hat. What colors are you using? I can’t wait to see it finished!

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